Hybrid Cloud Email : Choosing the best of breed

Hybrid Cloud Email

This is an era of  Hybrid everywhere – Choosing the best of breed. Hybrid Cloud, Hybrid Apps and now Hybrid Cloud Email.

Like the word “Hybrid” speaks about mixing two and choosing the best of the two, Hybrid Cloud Email also provides combination of 2 Messaging platforms. Be it Office 365 or Google Apps.

Factors you should consider when choosing Hybrid Cloud Email Solution:

  • User provisioning — Large organizations have processes for email services account creation. Those processes will need to be extended to support Hybrid Cloud Email Setup.
  • Management — A single console for managing both cloud email provider  is required for efficiency and consistency of management and administration.
    • Single sign-on — Single sign-on to manage apps and emails.
  • Common Domain Name – Are your Hybrid Cloud Email pointing towards same domain. If not then it is not a hybrid cloud email solution.
  • Seamless Mail Flow : Seamless mail flow with common email functions — such as free and busy calendar lookups, calendar and mailbox delegation, distribution lists and contact sharing must be integrated.
  • Common address book, Feature rich editor – Common address book all accross email setup with feature rich editor should be supported.
  • Cost effective solution without compromising users – Are your Hybrid Cloud Email providing cost effective solution. checkout the calculator to find it your yourself.
  • Security — Common security needs — for example, for multifactor authentication, TLS, password rule enforcement, virus scanning and access to logs — should be consistent across hybrid email solution.
  • Content control — Integration with records management, data loss prevention, keyword filtering and archive services should span both models.
  • Redundancy — Directory links and network paths need to be fully redundant to eliminate single points of failure.

Realizing this factors, Logix Infosecurity has come up with the idea of Hybrid Cloud Mail Solutions – combining Microsoft Office 365 & Cloud Zimbra.

Most common use case of Hybrid Cloud Email Setup are :

Important users in an Organization like the CXO or other Elite users need a messaging platform with:

  1. Multiple device access
  2. Online storage drive to create and share spreadsheets and presentations
  3. Audio video chat etc.

Microsoft office 365 or Google apps is the appropriate solution to rightly address these requirements.

Microsoft Office 365

Rest of the organization like General Users just need features like:

  • Basic Mailbox
  • Instant Messenger
  • Other collaboration features.

And  Cloud Zimbra can provide these features along with few other additional features.

Infact, Cloud Zimbra Mailboxes positioned for the general staff users comes with an Additional Benefit, you can allocate the Mailbox size for the Employees as per their requirement , starting from 2Gb Mailbox per user.

Logix Hybrid Solution

Logix Infosecurity Pvt Ltd being the largest Zimbra Service Provider Partner & Microsoft Cloud Service Provider can seamlessly integrate both offerings Office 365 and Cloud Zimbra providing unique Hybrid Mail Solutions.



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