Logix Support for Customers

This portal is your one-stop solution for getting your queries resolved.

Logix Support Portal

To efficiently handle your support-related tasks – issues, updates, or queries – you need to access the Logix support portal and raise a ticket. This portal is your one-stop solution for getting your queries resolved.

While doing so, kindly keep the following information handy – Customer ID, Username, and Password. You will need these credentials to log in. Once you are at the dashboard, you can log your request and track the progress.

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Initiate Support Request

Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online.

Open Ticket: Login > Support > Open ticket / View Opened ticket

  • Location

    Logix has three support locations. You can choose any one.

  • Call Originator

    Fill out details like username, email id and contact no.

  • Call Details

    Share your query / issue. You can be as descriptive as needed.

  • Request Type

    Trouble ticket.

  • Service

    In this you can get hosting, development, Linux.

  • Select your problem category and priority.

  • Subject

    The issue or query statement. E.g. – Mails not received.

  • Description

    Enter your issue in detail for a better brief.

  • Attachment

    You can attach log file or any error (upload and submit).

Once you raise the ticket, our technical engineer would investigate your case and respond to you with steps to resolve your issue. You can ask queries throughout the process, and we will work hard to answer them all.

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Some commonly asked questions - Working With the Support Portal

How to change your account password?

There are 2 ways you can reset your password through the Logix support portal.

1. Login to https://supportdesk.logix.in/ with existing password
Click on home > change password > enter a new password


2. Login to https://supportdesk.logix.in/
Click on Forgot Password option, and a new pop-up window would appear.

Please enter your registered Email Address to start the password recovery process and enter the captcha.

Point 1

Who are the team members assigned to me in the portal?

Login to https://supportdesk.logix.in/

Click on Home > View Profile > You will see the currently registered admin contacts and you also have the option to edit

View Profile

How can I check my Open tickets?

Path: Login > Support > View Open ticket

Point 5

How can I see tickets which are closed / resolved?

There are two tabs in the support portal where you can view resolved tickets.
1. Login to Logix Support desk Portal > Support > View Resolved ticket


2. Go to Report > Ticket report

How do I check the progress of my ticket? Can I check tickets under-observation?

Login to Logix Support desk Portal > Support > View under observation ticket and check ticket progress

Login to Logix Support desk Portal > Support > View Open ticket > Select ticket of which progress needs to be checked> Click on view

Where do I see the Service Report for my tickets?

Login to Logix Support desk Portal > Report > Service report

Where can I find the Escalation matrix?

Login to Logix Support desk Portal > Report > Escalation matrix

IP Reputation

Path: Login > Home > Ip reputation

Please enter all your associated public IPs or the ones connected with Logix SMTP services so our database will be updated with the full set of IPs belonging to you.

Point 3

Header Analyzer

Path: Login > Home > Header Analyze

A tool to analyze email header to check email delay or email flow hop by hop

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