Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud – Back Up

Backup for Microsoft 365

  • Mailbox backup
  • Online Archive backup
  • Teams backup
  • OneDrive backup
  • SharePoint backup
  • Unlimited Acronis Hosted Cloud Storage
  • Backup once a day
  • Retention policy as per company

Backup for Google Workspace

  • Google Gmail backup
  • Google Drive backup
  • Contacts backup
  • Calendar backup
  • Unlimited Acronis Hosted Cloud Storage
  • Backup once a day
  • Retention policy as per company

Server Backup

  • Database backup
  • File servers backup
  • Images backup
  • All above based on workload and space consumption

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    Why backup for Microsoft 365 is critical?

    While Microsoft provides infrastructure resilience and high availability, data protection remains the customer’s responsibility. The customers may lose data owing to deleting (Intentionally / Unintentionally), Ransomware or Corruption.

    Without third-party backup, sensitive business data such as emails or shared files stored in Microsoft 365 are not protected from data loss issues.

    Even the 'Service Agreement' of Microsoft, under Service availability states -
    ``We recommend that you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services.``

    A secure cloud-to-cloud backup solution helps you safeguard your Microsoft 365 data, reduce expenses and ensure business continuity.

    Why is Google Workspace backup needed?

    Google has a great reputation for keeping Google Workspace systems up and available for customers. But like many SaaS solutions, it does not take responsibility for keeping customer data safe – it does not offer true backup and recovery functionalities.

    There are a host of reasons why companies lose their Google Workspace data. The top ones include:

    • Accidental data deletion
    • Malicious actions
    • Malware and ransomware

    So while Google ensures infrastructure resilience, data protection remains the customer’s responsibility. This means businesses require a backup solution to avoid downtime and unrecoverable data loss.

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