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90% of world have moved to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.
The gateway level based email security whether it is exchange online protection or cisco or any other solution are not able to protect from emerging and advance level threats. Down the line, the efficacy of gateway email security is going to reduce. Here comes Check Point Harmony, the forefront leader in detecting such threats with the power of AI and ML

Why Check Point Harmony is frontrunner?

Icon Workload

Protects the entire workload

Icon Dashboard

Managing users access with single dashboard

Icon Response Time

Response time is better as compared to any other solution

Icon Data Center

Datacenter in India

Icon Vendor Email Compromise

Vendor Email Compromise

Experience the power of Checkpoint Harmony Email

Prevents sophisticated attacks with AI powered prevention across emails & collaboration applications:

  • Conduct POC for 7 – 10 days
  • Add Check Point Harmony in detection mode
  • Access the Detection Report for more clarity on threat analysis

Checkpoint Harmony Email & Collaboration Security

Strongly work against emerging attacks across internal and external communications, in real-time, before they reach your users. The solution blocks –

  • Advanced Phishing, Malware, Account Takeover protection
  • Social engineering attacks such as impersonation, zero-day attacks and Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • Stop malicious attachments before they reach users’ mailboxes


Hidden Threat Scanner

Hidden Threat Scanner 1A

Nowadays, hackers can check entries and know what security solution you have implemented.

Hidden Threat Scanner 2A

As per that they create a mechanism to bypass the email security filter

Hidden Threat Scanner 3A

But, in case of Check Point Harmony Email, the setup is not visible to outsiders as a result it is difficult to devise a strategy.


AI Powered Prevention

  • Email attack prevention powered by AI and ML, trained to stop the most evasive, sophisticated attacks.
  • Secures major file-sharing services—Google Drive, ShareFile, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Box, Dropbox—from malware, ransomware, east-west attacks and prevents accidental or malicious data loss.
  • Harmony Email & Collaboration adds security layers to collaboration apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams, protecting them from malicious links and messages.

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