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Why AI/ML Email Security is better than Traditional Email Security Gateways?

The biggest problem is that the Traditional email gateway is not able to detect new evolving email threats.

Whereas AI and ML algorithms evolve to detect advanced and emerging threats, unlike traditional email security, which relies on static rules that quickly become outdated.

AI and ML continuously learn from vast data and feedback to detect malicious trends, including zero-day threats and sophisticated phishing attacks. It analyses user and email behavior in real time, identifying anomalies indicating security threats, such as unusual login locations or spikes in email activity, which traditional measures might miss.

Ai Ml Email Security

Logix sings MSSP with Check Point

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. a leading AI-powered, cloud-delivered cyber security platform provider, has signed a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) agreement with Logix InfoSecurity Pvt Ltd, a leading service provider of business mail and email security services, to provide customers with complete protection across email and productivity suite applications.

Check Point Harmony – AI based Email Security

Check Point Harmony is an AI and ML-based email security that offers a more proactive and dynamic approach to threat detection and prevention, helping organizations stay ahead of cyber threats in an increasingly complex threat landscape.
  • Hackers can design their attack as per the email security setup, but Check Point Harmony doesn’t leave any traces of its solution making it difficult for hackers to identify and bypass the security filters.
  • Traditional Email Gateways fail to detect QR code-based phishing attacks. Here, Check Point Harmony identifies and stop malicious QR codes in real time, preventing them from reaching user inbox.
  • Social Engineered phishing mails which have only text context bypass traditional gateways, such cases are detected and stopped by Check Point Harmony.
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What makes Checkpoint Harmony the ideal choice?

  • Better analysis of more sophisticated business email compromise (BEC) attacks
  • Prevents ransomware by locking down malicious files and messages
  • Superior catch rate of unknown malware
  • Full protection against all zero-day files and links
  • Significantly lower false rates as compared to competitors

Protect Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace Applications

Most of the organizations use email services from – Microsoft or Google.

Both providers have been adding significant amounts of email security functionality but are not able to detect evolving email threats.

Because organizations incorporate other communication & collaboration applications in their workflows—such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Meet, and others, or chat like capabilities —the optimum way forward is not only to address core email security needs of the present but also the other collaboration technologies.

Protect email as a core
from advance level of threats


Protect email and collaboration
tools like chats, social apps, and more

Protect your collaboration and application tools

  • Secures major file-sharing services—Google Drive, ShareFile, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Box, Dropbox—from malware, ransomware, east-west attacks, and prevents accidental or malicious data loss.
  • Harmony Email & Collaboration adds security layers to collaboration apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams, protecting them from malicious links and messages.

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Why Check Point Harmony is frontrunner?

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Protects the entire workload

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Managing users access with single dashboard

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Far better response time

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Datacenter in India

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Business/ Vendor Email Compromise

Logix is Managed Service Provider (MSP) for Check Point Harmony

90% of the world has moved to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

The gateway level-based email security or any other solution is not able to protect from emerging and advanced-level threats. Down the line, the efficacy of gateway email security is going to be reduced.

Here comes Check Point Harmony, the forefront leader in detecting such threats with the power of AI and ML.

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