Active Directory on Azure

A secured identity and access management solution
As many organizations are in the process of embracing Zero Trust or Secure Access to Service Edge (SASE), the first step here is Identity Management, and an Active Directory plays a major role in this deployment and execution.

Considering the hybrid work culture and multicloud environments, it is very important for organizations:

  • To ensure the identity of the employees must be maintained and secured.
  • Protect digital assets including the sensitive applications available over the internet.

It is crucial that all the users are identified at central repository like the Active Directory and authenticated with Multi factor authentication to provide access to the relevant applications over the internet.

Challenges faced by most of the organizations while managing Active Directory

  • It is observed that Active Directory is not centrally deployed.
  • Roaming users are not part of this Active Directory.
  • Only selective applications getting connected to Active directory.
  • Single sign on and secure access to these applications is missing.
  • Multiple user credentials are stored increasing the complexity.

Logix offering Active Directory on Azure service

To mitigate all these problems and to bring in Single Identity and Secure Access management, Logix offers Active Directory solution hosted on Azure with Consulting services and AD implementation in holistic manner.
Ad Azure

We migrate present Active Directory considering remote workforce, applications, VPN and all Active Directory supporting app with seamless integration. Managing access through VPN and ADFS.

How do you benefit

  • Your first step toward ZTNA/ SASE
  • No need to worry about product lifecycle upgrade.

    • Customer doesn’t need to reinvest in AD CAL licenses every time there is version upgrade. Seamless integration of O365 and Azure with Password sync

  • Managing AD

    • Reduce operational and maintenance costs, offers redundancy, the entire solution is on auto-update and thus manageability is simple

  • Access control

    • Allow access from specific ips


App Integration And Single-Sign On

App Integration and Single-sign on

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication

Conditional Access

Conditional Access

Identity Protection

Identity Protection

Privileged Identity Management 2

Privileged Identity Management

End User Self Service

End user self service

Unified Admin Center

Unified Admin center

3 server architecture

Active Directory on Azure


ADFS proxy

Logix is involved in entire implementation, migration and management, would you be interested to know more?

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