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Protect your websites with HTTPS security.
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Why install SSL certificates?

Google blocks almost 9000 “non-HTTPS” websites every day and blacklists them. Plain HTTP sites are easily susceptible to social engineering, spoofing, MiTM, and DDOS attacks leading to confidential data being stolen, further leading to websites being hacked and ultimately pulled down.

The world is shifting to HTTPS. SSL certificates enforce an encrypted connection and enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of your website. SSL’s public key infrastructure ensures that no external party can decode or replicate the encryption.

Logix expertise

We administer the complete end-to-end lifecycle management for your SSL certificate installation. We oversee key phases of implementation including consulting, billing, renewals, and handholding with primary support.

Our team at Logix has over 19 years of core expertise in email, network, and web security solutions. We offer various comprehensive SSL certificate solutions including Entrust and Digicert to safeguard business enterprises against malware, phishing, DDoS, MiTM, and other vulnerabilities.

Our SSL solutions protect websites with 2048-bit encryption with SHA-2 — the strongest security on the market today.

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Key highlights of our SSL offering

  • Data transfer to and from your web application happens through a secure channel.
  • Up to  256-bit data encryption.
  • SEO ranks improve as Google supports only HTTPS-secure websites.

What do we do?

We deploy SSL certificates and digital signatures of various brands like Entrust, Geotrust, Symantec, DigiCert, Comodo, etc.


After gaining an insight into the customer’s requirements, our team maps the requisites with one of the options from our wide array of SSL services.

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24X7 support

Primary support is provided to SSL customers.



Our team commissions the services and handholds the customer through the SSL certificate installation. We also manage the SSL renewals for your installed certificates.

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