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Logix started providing secure email hosting & Email filtering services in the year 2001, Customer benefits from vast experience & domain knowledge gained over the period. We graduated our setup from Hosting to private cloud setup in 2009 & support over 1500 Plus customers on Messaging & Collaboration Solutions.

We were Microsoft SPLA Partners & Were Hosting MS Exchange, Our MS Exchange – Zimbra Hybrid Offering was being used by many reputed organizations. Post Microsoft hosting its own cloud setup, Logix became a CSP Partner, Promoting O365. Our O365 – Zimbra Hybrid Messaging is used by over 150 Business Enterprises.

Owing to our core expertise in managing Mailing solutions, we specialize in owning the entire life cycle of Implementation and management of On-premise Email Solutions for Zimbra.

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Our Expertise

Email Security is an integral part of Email, Logix boasts of providing the best-of-breed email security to its customers adopting Mail Messaging. Protecting Email from All kinds of Threats & Ensuring no Data Loss happens over email.

Messaging and Collaboration Offerings from Logix

Logix provides clients with full-featured and secure access to Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration Services supporting both On-Cloud & On-Premise messaging platforms.

On Premise

Zimbra platform options for On-Premise Setups.

On Cloud

Cloud Zimbra, O365 & G Suite options for On-Cloud.

Key features

  • We offer a host lot of value-added customization related to Mail Management & Monitoring on Zimbra through our customized Logix Control Panel which also lets you set policies.
  • We have over 2000 enterprise business users with innumerable licenses for our Messaging & Collaboration Solutions.
  • We have tailored our solutions in such a way that our valuable Clients only pay for what they use. We have a whole bunch of Services under Messaging & Collaboration, irrespective of the Messaging platform.
  • Messaging & Collaboration services backed by industry-leading SLA.
  • We have a dedicated Support team working 24*7 on all days, providing hand-holding to all customers during Migrations or for setting up a new exchange server. Also, technical support is provided over our online ticketing site, phone, or email.

What do we do?



The key to the successful adoption of appropriate messaging & Collaboration lies in the requirement gathering, pain points with the present solution & Wish list. It is of utmost importance to meticulously list down the requirement. Categorize the requirements into “Must Have “ & “ Good to Have “ functions. Suggest the best-fit solution depending on the requirement & environment of the customer.

Solution Designing

Solution Designing

The Solution ie On-Premise or Cloud Based is suggested based on the traffic flow & type of mail traffic, other factors like Pre-Owned Hardware, Storage, Networks, Data Protection Laws, etc will play a very important role while designing Mail Messaging Architecture.

Mailvault Compliance Ready


Active directory integration is one of the key requirements of any business enterprise, the messaging solution deployed has to be well integrated with an active directory for identity management and single sign-on.



Logix owns the entire cycle of Implementation which includes installation, Configuration & Testing of the messaging solution, In the case of Cloud Solution it has more to do with provisioning. MX changeover is the crucial time when attention is paid the most to ensure a smooth transition.

Hand Holding

Hand Hold Adoption & Support

For any mail messaging project to be successful there has to be here proper hand-holding that is extended by Logix to the IT Department. this involves training, documentation, and adopting best practices. Customers can also engage Logix in end-user training.
Logix is heavily invested in support and boasts of 70% of employee strength being in support, banking on this support we extend 24/7 support to all our customers. we extend a ticketing system that can be accessed via a web browser and also has a mobile app to facilitate easy reporting of issues. L1 / L2 Support is provided for Office 365 Services 24*7, by Microsoft-certified Engineers of Logix.



User & Mail data migration are two important aspects, which need a migration strategy proposed by Logix & agreed upon by the client. Most of cases migration is done using IMAP Scripts, In some cases PST migration is also undertaken.

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