Fortinet NGFW

With years of experience in security, Logix has successfully able to deploy and manage Fortinet firewalls for organizations of all scales.

Logix is an Expert Partner of Fortinet

With a dedicated team of certified engineers, we design network framework basis your web and mail traffic for on-premises or Cloud-based deployment. This involves a process of a firewall migration plan, installation, configuration & testing of the security solution.
Our strength lies in providing exceptional support for Fortinet Firewall services.
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Logix's Fortinet Cybersecurity Certification

The following table highlights the skill sets of the resources that we have, which enables us to efficiently manage customer deployments and critical support. As the resources are certified to the highest levels, our dependency on the OEM for technical support is very less and customer resolution is faster.
Certificate/Training (Network Security Expert) Obtained
NSE 1 58
NSE 2 51
NSE 3 55
NSE 4 4
NSE 5 Exams 5
NSE 6 (Tech w/o AWS or Azure) 2
NSE 6 (Technologies) 2
NSE 7 Exams 2
Adaptive Cloud Sales Training 1

Get more with second generation firewall also known as Next Generation Firewalls

  • Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
  • Deep-packet inspection
  • Advanced detection of Malware
  • Application control
  • More visibility on encrypted traffic.
Fortigate Ngfw E1683009786844

The FortiGate NGFW platform

Logix believes FortiGate NGFWs deliver the industry’s best ROI, and achieve an AI-network security convergence that offers superior network threat protection.
FortiGate secures your entire enterprise network from old and emerging threats. It provides
  • End-to-end security across the full attack cycle.
  • Centralized management across physical, virtual, and cloud deployments.
  • Internal segmentation firewall deployment for additional protection.
  • Best price-per-performance.

Advanced network security powered with AI/ ML

Network Icon

The premium benefit of Fortinet NGFWs for IT heads is the convergence of network security with AI/ML to provide a centralized, user-friendly, and feature-rich console for deeper visibility and tighter control over your overall network security.

Fortinet NGFWs, which run on an advanced, integrated OS (FortiOS), are equipped with capabilities such as SD-WAN, network switching, and wireless flexibility, and even the most modern innovations like 5G.

Effective network security, everywhere

Branch-wide security

Protect and connect your distributed networks with AI/ML-powered security and premier convergence that includes secure SD-WAN.

Segmentation capabilities

Protect your assets with rich macro- and micro-segmentation capabilities.

Remote security

Extend FortiGate NGFW protection to users wherever they work.

Integrated dashboard

Gain unmatched visibility and protection for enterprise sites. Manage applications, users, devices, and access in a single dashboard.

Multi-cloud automation

Integrate public and private cloud security with manageable automation.

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