Top 5 communications IT trends in 2016

Top 5 Communications It Trends In 2016

Came across an article today morning – Top 5 communications IT trends in 2016 published on January 21st 2016 by author Ben Rossi. We are now almost end of 2016 – only 2 months to go. So thought to review it.

Ben Rossi mentioned Top 5 communications IT trends in 2016 as

  1. Security as top most trend. Is his prediction correct? –

Infact, 2016 is a prosperous year for Hackers and Cyber Criminals. Don’t Believe it. Checkout the statistics:

       Email Spoofing Phishing and Ransomware Attack:

  • The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) observed more phishing attacks in Q1 2016 since it began tracking data in 2004.
  • Q1 Phishing Activity Trends Report APWG reported that the number of phishing websites increased 250% between October 2015 and March 2016.
  • Most targeted industry were retail and services sector during Q1 2016
  • Phishers targeted 406 – 431 brands in Q1 2016.
  • In India alone, there were more than 20+ email spoofing cases in 2016. Read the full story about email spoofing in India here.
  • Osterman Research June 2016 survey says that almost one out of every two participants indicated their organization had suffered an at least one ransomware attack in 12 months
  • Average number of ransomware infections are between 23,000 and 35,000 per month in 2015, according to Symantec. The spike to 56,000 in March 2016 increased with the arrival of Locky ransomware.
  • Victims paid $209 million to ransomeware Criminals in Q1 2016 according to FBI
  • Barkly survey states that less than half of ransomware victims fully recover their data, even with backup
  • 59% ransomware infections are through emails with malicious links and attachment. According to the Osterman Research survey, users are likely to be infected by clicking something in an email.

Ins And Outs Of Email Security

       2.  Connectivity :

Wi-Fi he mentions, according to most adolescents, an unquestionable human right. However, Wi-Fi in corporate environments is coming under increasing strain. Yes offcourse keeping connectivity in mind, India is also progressing now Smart Cities, Internet Of things and so on.

       3.  Cloud :

Cloud is increasingly booming with apps like Microsoft Office 365, Google apps, AWS etc. Infact we are proud that we ourself acquired 300 Microsoft Office 365 Customers in 2016 and has been recognized as Best Cloud Provider by Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 365

4. Unified communications

In terms of collaboration also we see tremendous growth for Microsoft Office 365 – Skype for Business Suite.

5. Customer experience

Finally it’s time to think about the customer interface. Organisations are not the only things going digital – in many areas consumers are way ahead of the businesses that serve them.



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