Why BFSI Industries prefer hybrid mail providers for Business Email?

Hybrid Mail Providers

Business email requirement for BFSI industry works differently altogether. Employees of BFSI Industries need  messaging platforms with:

  1. Multiple device access
  2. Online storage drive to create and share spreadsheets and presentations
  3. Audio video chat etc.

Microsoft office 365 is the appropriate solution to rightly address these requirements.

BFSI Industry also need to cater partners, contractors, agents and they are  general users who need

  • Basic Mailbox
  • Instant Messenger
  • Other collaboration features.

And  Cloud Zimbra can provide these features along with few other additional features.

And this is the most important reason that they prefer Hybrid Mail Providers like us. Realizing this need of BFSI Industry, Logix Infosecurity has come up with the idea of Hybrid Mail Solutions – Combining Microsoft Office 365 & Cloud Zimbra.

With hybrid mail providers like us, BFSI users can have the best of both worlds without unnecessary expenses and the guaranteed Uptime mentioned in the SLA.

Few highlights of Hybrid Mail Solutions that can bring more value to your existing system are :

  1. Common Domain Name
  2. Seamless Mail Flow
  3. Premium Anti-spam, anti-virus, anti Malware
  4. Common address book, Feature rich editor
  5. Most cost effective solution without compromising users

Infact, Cloud Zimbra Mailboxes positioned for partners, contractors, agents comes with an additional benefit. They can allocate the Mailbox size for the Employees as per their requirement , starting from 2Gb Mailbox per user.

Logix Hybrid Solution

Logix Infosecurity Pvt Ltd being the largest Zimbra Service Provider Partner & Microsoft Cloud Service Provider can seamlessly integrate both offerings Office 365 and Cloud Zimbra providing unique Hybrid Mail Solutions.

The following table will offer a clear understanding of the Cost benefit, this service will bring to your Organization.

Domain Hosted Purely on Office 365

Plan No of Users Listed Price User/ Month Amount User/ Year
Office 365 – Business Essentials 100 ₹ 342 ₹ 4,10,400
Office 365 – Exchange Online Kiosk 400 ₹ 120 ₹ 5,76,000
Total Cost of Ownership ₹ 9,86,400

Domain Hosted on Office 365 – Cloud Zimbra Hybrid

Plan No of Users Listed Price User/ Month Amount User/ Year
Office 365 – Business Essentials 100 ₹ 300 ₹ 3,60,000
Cloud Zimbra 10GB Mailbox 400 ₹ 35 ₹ 1,68,000
Total Cost of Ownership ₹ 5,28,000
₹ 4,58,400

 You save Approximately 47%

You need not to go with hypothetical calculation.

Try our Hybrid Email Cost-Saving Calculator and Calculate savings for your organization.


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