Achieve a lower Google Workspace Ownership Cost with Google Workspace Coexistence

Lower Google Workspace Ownership Cost

A unique Google Workspace + Cloud Zimbra coexistence model

An organisation’s IT budgeting is usually decided in early financial year stages. Throughout the year, organisations abide by this amount (naturally considering slight deviations). Now, when vendors introduce a sudden change in their plans and structure, it puts IT departments in a jam. Something similar has happened with Google Workspace in the past few years, causing procurements heads to scramble around to try and lower Google Workspace costs / TCO (total cost of ownership).

Recently, after Google updated the structure of the plans by limiting only 300 users to the Business editions of Google Workspace, customers were unfavourably backend up against a wall. They couldn’t very well choose another solution because they need their desired features.

To help organisations achieve a lower Google Workspace ownership costs, Logix offers an innovating enterprise coexistence solution: between Google Workspace and Cloud Zimbra.

How does the coexistence solution work?

Most businesses with a large number of users cannot justify higher costs of business or enterprise plans. Some users have the need for a very limited features and only top-level employees need the premium features.

In this coexistence model, Logix uses the domain name sharing concept to split the email users between Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Cloud Zimbra, based on their position and needs.

The model gets you the best of both solutions by letting senior / top level executives / decision makers avail the attractive productive set of Google Workspace while general users can use the features of Cloud Zimbra.

We enable a seamless mail flow between the two user groups.

How does the coexistence model achieve lower Google Workspace ownership cost?

Pricing Comparison: Google Workspace Vs Coexistence Model
Pricing Comparison: Google Workspace VS Coexistence Model

An example of 500 users hosted on Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). Considering the current price plan, the comparison of B and C plan significantly highlights the cost that you could save – Appro. 80% reduction in cost by splitting 40% users on Cloud Zimbra.

With the Google Workspace and Cloud Zimbra coexistence model, all our customers have derived a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO) by migrating a certain section of its users to Cloud Zimbra.

If you are on a Google Workspace plan, you could drive down your Workspace TCO too!

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