Logix Hosts a Webinar on imMail Collaboration Components in Cloud Zimbra

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Setting the stage

The precursor to this imMail webinar was the complete upgrade of Cloud Zimbra. Yes, Cloud Zimbra is no longer just secure mailing. It has revolutionized to a comprehensive productivity and collaboration platform which can service all requirements from mailing to instant chat.

When: 5th May 2022, Thursday, 5PM (IST).

About imMail Collaboration Components

The power of Cloud Zimbra’s latest collaboration features come from the collaboration components brought to the table by imMail. The collaboration components empower Cloud Zimbra to have an instant chat as easy as WhatsApp, hold Audio / Video meetings and conferences, task management, file sharing, and help you to keep in touch with current data at all times from any where.

What we’re covering in the imMail Webinar

The webinar, happening on Thursday, 5th May 2022, 5PM (IST), will highlight key features of imMail –

  1. Instant Messaging (simple to use, similar to WhatsApp)
  2. Audio-Video meetings & conferences
  3. File Sync and Share*
  4. Online Docs* (documents, presentations, & spreadsheets)

* coming soon

Logix Director, Prashant Mudbidri, will host this webinar in partnership with imMail CEO, Leonardo Valenca.

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We look forward to sharing with you the success case presentation, followed by an audience Q&A session. Join us to boost your work productivity and collaborate real-time with imMail.

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