A transactional email service that was crafted for guaranteed and quick delivery of transactional emails

Transactional emails act as an acknowledgment for transactions between your organization and your end-user. Examples include the delivery of invoices after purchases, OTPs over email, monthly statements, account notifications, payment confirmation, or automatic replies to visitors who have filled out your enquiry form.


Key features

Email Tracking

Email Tracking

Wordpress Plugin

WordPress Plugin

Detailed Logs

Detailed Logs

Top Up

Auto Top-up

Api Smtp



Suppression list

Email Segmentation

Email Segmentation

Email Templates

Email Templates


Custom Reports

Why trust ZeptoMail?

  • Reliable and fast inbox deliverability that keeps your customers updated.
  • Segmentation for an organized mailbox, achieved through ZeptoMail Mail Agents.
  • Deeper insights into deliverability & recipient activity, through dashboard reports.
  • Block repeat offenders who cause bounces, thus protecting sender reputation.
  • Ready, customizable templates for common business scenarios, for quick reuse.
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With an exclusive transactional email service, you can eliminate marketing emails and ensure better deliverability of your transactional emails.

Maintaining email security

ZeptoMail keeps your transactional email communication secure through multiple layers of security and encryption techniques to keep your data safe from prying eyes and tampering.

Integration Options

SMTP Configuration: You can set up ZeptoMail using SMTP configuration. Simply enter the server details and your SMTP credentials to connect your existing application with ZeptoMail.
Robust Email APIs: ZeptoMail offers a variety of API libraries for deeper integration. You can seamlessly integrate ZeptoMail into your systems using these APIs.

Domain Verification

ZeptoMail allows only authenticated domains to send emails. To verify your domain:
• Add SPF, DKIM, and CNAME records to your DNS.
• These records validate domain ownership, encrypt email content, & create your domain bounce address.
• A separate sub-domain for bounced emails helps categorize & manage them effectively.

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