How Zimbra Collaboration Tool Revamped During the Pivotal Pandemic Stage

Zimbra Collaboration Tool Enhancements

The Covid-19 pandemic seems to be receding in impact but back when it started, it threatened to disrupt business operations. Remote work and collaboration suddenly became the cornerstone of business. Mailing and collaboration tools had to rise up to the challenge and meet these new expectations. Against this backdrop, the Cloud Zimbra collaboration tool – earlier only a mailing platform – revamped its offerings and features to become a useful, full-fledged solution suite for changing times.

Features introduced by the Cloud Zimbra Collaboration Tool during the pandemic

Mobile and Desktop Clients

Zimbra was primarily a web-based client through which you could mail back and forth, share contacts, and use the calendar to organize your work life. But for the at-my-fingertips world of the Work from Home culture, this would not suffice.

Hence, Zimbra introduced the Zimbra Desktop Client and the Zimbra Mobile Client. Now you can access Zimbra from your work machine straight from your desktop and also carry it in your pockets. Higher availability, greater work productivity. This new addition surely brought the Zimbra collaboration tool to a new level.

Instant Messaging

The addition of this feature positively revamped the entire Zimbra collaboration tool. The instant messaging feature of Zimbra is as easy as WhatsApp. It integrates directly with your Zimbra platform and so you can access it right from your desktop / mobile client.

The instant chat of Zimbra has been designed with close attention to your familiarity with WhatsApp and so you will find no great pains in using it. It has all the features of voice messages, emoticon support, attachment sharing, and groups. Your teammates are now a click away.

Audio / Video Conferencing

Zimbra’s A/V Conferencing feature attempts to recreate the in-person meeting experience. Connect on calls and group meetings to make collaborative decisions and productive strategies.

File Sync & Share

Now work together with your team on files and data that is accessible anytime, anywhere. Stay connected to your work data with the File Sync & Share feature of the new Zimbra collaboration tool.

Zimbra With Logix is Auto-Secured

Every Zimbra mailbox we deploy gets an automatic layer of protection with our premium Email ATP. So, on top of all of the above potent features, you get an extra layer of security. Mail and collaborate without any worry of email threats.

Moreover, due to the single instance storage feature of Cloud Zimbra, you also end up saving considerable mailbox space.

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