Save Mailbox Space with Single Instance Storage of Cloud Zimbra

Save Mailbox Space With Single Instance Storage

Save mailbox space? It’s possible that the thought hasn’t even crossed your mind. But with tons of emails being fired back and forth every day by millions of organizations, mailbox space is definitely a valid concern. While around 306.4 billion emails were estimated to have been sent and received each day in 2020, this figure is expected to touch over 376.4 billion daily emails by 2025! The impetus behind this volume is that email and collaboration applications on the cloud are the most adopted solutions by business enterprises, owing to the ease of collaboration, increases business productivity. and much more.

Cloud Zimbra has imbibed the unique feature of single instance storage to help you save mailbox space.

About Disk Space Occupancy

While choosing an email and collaboration application on the cloud, every business enterprise should consider one very important factor: Disk Space Occupancy.

It is generally observed that users don’t follow the habit of deleting emails and do overall housekeeping of their mailbox deployed on the cloud.

Minding about disk space occupancy may seem trivial in the initial years of mail solution adoption, but we need to broaden our horizons to think long-term. Data size is like an infinite balloon that will only keep growing bigger with time.

All seems well and good until it’s time to migrate mailboxes. It is only then that users will feel the pinch of their bloated mailbox sizes and then come to value disk space occupancy.

How Single Instance Storage Fares Against Other Solutions

Let us understand Single Instance Storage with an example.

One domain is created on Cloud Zimbra with 11 Users. As these mailboxes are newly created, there is no disc space occupied by the mailbox, as seen in the quota utilization.

Cloud Zimbra Quota Utilization

We now send an email with a large-sized attachment to 10 Users, while also marking a copy to the sender.

Because of Single Instance Storage, only 49 MB Disk Space is being occupied.

Cloud Zimbra Disk Space Occupancy

Now let’s see how IceWarp stores email. We created a domain on IceWarp with 10 Users.

Icewarp Case Sending Mail To 10 Users

Disk Occupancy Before sending the email:

Domain Used Space Icewarp Before

Upon sending the same attachment as the above Cloud Zimbra example to 10 users on IceWarp, we observe the following disk space occupancy:

Icewarp Disk Space Occupancy

We can see the disk space occupied is 268 MB.

Domain Used Space Icewarp After

So, what does it mean to you as a customer?

It is clear that IceWarp or other emailing platform consumes around 5X the Disk Space Occupancy compared to that of Cloud Zimbra.

In effect, a 500 User domain consumes 6TB in 3 Years on Cloud Zimbra, while On Icewarp Cloud Disk Occupancy will be around 30 TB.

It’s evident that when it’s time to migrate mailboxes, moving 6TB of data is much simpler and quicker than moving 30TB worth of data. This results in paying higher costs owing to higher disk occupancy.

Procure Cloud Zimbra to Save Mailbox Space

Single instance storage is an inherent feature of Cloud Zimbra, meaning you automatically save mailbox space with Cloud Zimbra!


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