Whatsapp to take legal Action against App Misusers and Spammers

Whatsapp To Take Legal Action Against App Misusers And Spammers

Whatsapp has announced that it will take legal action against individual and companies sending bulk messages in violation to its terms and conditions. These days Whatsapp is highly being exploited in circulating fake news and false informationg creating a havoc among the populace. For these reasons the company has been under fire from the Indian government since a few months.

There were reports of misuse of whatsapp in 2019 LokSabha elections. The goverment had warned the company to clamp down on fake messages designed to “provoke” and “instigate” people. India is a one of the major market for Whatsapp because of its 2 million Indian customers. In accordance to it, Whatsapp decided to take serious action against the increasing spam messages targeting bulk audience.

“WhatsApp was designed for private messaging, so we’ve taken action to prevent bulk messaging and enforce limits on how WhatsApp can be used,” a spokesman said. “We’ve also stepped up our ability to identify accounts that misuse WhatsApp, which helps us ban two million accounts globally per month.”

“Beginning on December 7 2019, WhatsApp will take legal action against those we determine are engaged in or assisting others in abuse that violates our terms of service, such as automated or bulk messaging,” the information page states.

WhatsApp warned that it would also consider legal action even if that decision is based on “information solely available to us off our platform”.

With the additional measures, it is always better for companies to use email for communication with the its esteemed customers in order to maintain security and privacy. While sending bulk emails, it is good practice to use a reputated email delivery platform.

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