Increasing Abused Emails – How bad is it for your company’s brand repute

Increasing Abused Emails - How Bad Is It For Your Company Reputation_

On an average 75 % of the bulk emails reach the Inbox of the intended recipient, according to an Email Intelligence Report. The remaining 25% of emails are filtered or blocked by mailbox providers and filtering software due to a variety of factors including sender’s IP reputation, email volume, email content, authentication, sender compliance, and the activity level of their email recipients.

“22% of opt-in emails never make it to the Inbox”. Email deliverability failure takes place when your message is either routed to the junk/bulk folder or blocked by an ISP and hence go missing. Such an email is an abused email. Many people too, commonly called the “complainers” have the habit of marking emails spams.  According to a study by MailChimp, which analyzed hundreds of millions of email campaigns, companies that have between 26 and 50 employees have the lowest abuse rates: 0.007 percent.

Over 53 percent of the world’s email traffic overall is spam, according to the most recent numbers from Statista. Considering these statistics, no wonder we have become so skeptic about any new email in our inbox.

Additionally even ISPs give the customers options of unsubscribe as well as marking an email as spam.  But as a company, this is a big blow to the email marketing campaign. The company reputation is badly afftected. In turn ISPs keep a close eye on sender reputation in order to determine action on the emails sent by that sender.

A company with high complaint rate raises a red flag suggesting that email marketing practices are not being followed on your side. And in turn ISPs keep an eye on your sender reputation to determine how to handle your emails.

How to avoid being listed as spam ?

  1. Always take consent before taking any information from the customer,
  2. Choose your email’s subject line wisely.
  3. Make unsubscribing very easy.
  4. Do not over advertise by sending emails too often.

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