Latest technology innovations affecting cyber security


Technology is building our future, there is no denying but with every new innovation comes new vulnerabilities and hence the responsibility to make the internet more secure. The increasing digital connectivity and the automation of virtually all processes around the world in business and otherwise at all levels in the value chain have led to the creation of agile businesses. This has also led to the development of extremely high levels of threat and significantly raised the risk of cybersecurity.

Some key areas and new type of dangers which have prominently emerged-

  1. Enterprise Risks- It is a well-established fact that most of the breaches (almost 80%) are result of some employee being the target victim of the criminals to give critical information leading to the breach. Hackers have evolved and are now smarter then ever with the rise if RaaS (ransomware as a service) marketplaces in underworld, getting hands on the most notorious malwares is easier than before.
  2. Spear Phishing- the most dangerous attacks where attackers eventually succeed- The anatomy of this new cyber-attack is persistent with the most sophisticated methods and success at the end. Spear phishing attacks tend to succeed over a period and the best part is the victim never comes to know about the intentions of the attackers until the breach happen. The major reason for this is lack of resources and maturity of security operations in the organizations.
  3. Lack of qualified personnel to deal with threat analysis and alert- The future promises a massive demand for cyber security professionals or technologies which can automate a lot of analysis which requires human intervention otherwise. There is certainly a lack of qualifies security professionals.

Some emerging solutions-

  1. Hardware Authentication- It is a fairly accepted that passwords are breached easily. The latest trend is validating the user via the hardware rather than the passwords.
  2. Usage of cloud-based technology – Cloud technologies are getting more mainstream. The service providers take all the basic measures to protect the data and advanced level of protections can be deployed by user as and when required.
  3. Coming of Deep Learning technologies and automation- ML technologies are set to make lives of cyber security professionals simpler. They will not only be precise but also quick and cater to areas which often become causes of breach. A lot of work of entry level professionals will be automated in the coming future.

Logix Infosecurity is committed to keep its clients cyber safe and believes in regular upgrading the security and deploying the state of the art technology. The future is changing and so are business, and policies. Cyber security is slowly becoming an important part of boardroom discussion and also a big pillar of trust for customers of our clients.

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