The rising and falling cyber security trends in 2018

Current Rising Trends of Cyber Security

AI/Machine Learning is picking up

Artificial Intelligence(AI) has the power to learn catch up with things and learning from the past experience predicting and stopping similar threats to occur in future. There will be more cyber security software using Machine Learning (ML) to crack any hacks or attacks. ML will become more mature this year, leading to some positive outcome for the stakeholders. However, it may prove to be a double edged sword, as hackers also will start using it to launch more sophisticated attacks.

IoTs would be their targets

As IoTs is catching up this year being used in smart cars, smart home appliances, factory appliances, etc its importance may even increase in hacker’s world. Untill now IoT devices did not have any valuable data on it, and hence it did not have any value for cyber criminals. But there is transformation, even though IoT devices still do not have much data on it but they are now being used to perform many critical operations leading. These devices if hacked may lead to a organaziation shut down, till getting fixed. So there are high chances of ransomware attacks on these devies.

MFA is must

Recent surveys suggest a large number of identity thefts occurring because of the single-factor authentication. Many organizations avoid MFA thinking that it would unnecessarily add another step for customers leaving them unhappy. But it is always better to keep your clients cyber secure and when explained them in detail, definitely they would understand. In 2018, it is expected for may organizations to switch to MFA.

Current Falling Trends of Cyber Security

Static Antivirus

With the increasing cloud culture, the static anti viruses may not be of much use anymore. It will experience a drastic fall in the market. Many such static anti viruses fail to detect attacks from the modem or cloud. Many basic operations of such static antivirus are being incorporated by the operating system themselves.


With the increasing number of collaboration between employees and third party vendors, VPNs are being exploited to the maximum. But VPNs were initially designed to create a connection between 2 internal points within the same network and not with an external point, hence they are falling apart in many instances. They are more designed with a concept of allowing all or nothing access. It is important for the industry to come up with a product like VPNs, with monitoring access at granular levels, logging in all the activities, etc.

Gartner, Inc. forecasts that worldwide spending on IoT security will reach $1.5 billion in 2018, a 28 percent increase from 2017 spending of $1.2 billion.  An increasing in the number of security devices to protect cloud is on its way.

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