Optimizing Disaster Recovery plans to get the best results

To assume that IT disaster will not happen to your organization because of its upbeat security and support is living like an Ostrich hiding his face under sand after seeing a hunter. Disasters will happen and the only way to keep them from affecting the business is to stay prepared. A Disaster recovery plan is the first step to being ready. It should be a thorough plan and should be updated regularly. However, to take maximum advantage of the disaster recovery plan here are some smart tips to follow:

Prioritize all the business services

While there are many services running in the network it is important to prioritize them. You must know which services are the most important to be recovered first at high priorty. In order to determine this, it is important to define the terms Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for your business. This will serve as a vital guide to disaster recovery planning.

Here’s a detailed blog on understanding RPO and RTO for Disaster Recovery.             

Automating parts of Disaster Recovery Plan

Automating parts of Disaster Recovery Plan will lead to a faster recovery as well as get rid of human factor. It is cost effective and efficient but at the same time it should be tested rigorously and very often, just like everything in disaster recovery plans. Otherwise at the time of need, it may not work as expected.

Budget Wisely

Budgets are always limited. You have to be wise enough to choose and follow a Disaster Recovery plan which is the exact plan fitting your organization.

Here’s a detailed blog on what are the most 5 Most important things your Disaster Recovery Plan must cover.

Disaster Recovery cannot guarantee a 100 % fool proof system unless all aspects are taken care of. By taking care of above aspects, you are one step closer to ensuring smoother recovery as well as better data protection.

Disaster Recovery

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