Is blockchain the alchemy to DDoS attacks?

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DDoS(Denial of Distributed Service) attack is a type of cyber attack that involves a large number of computers and huge volumes of traffic to overwhelm a server or network, slowing it or rendering it completely unresponsive. Victims of a DDoS attack consist of both the end targeted system and all systems maliciously used and controlled by the hacker in the distributed attack.

Ultimately, the alchemy to any DDoS attack is that they should be able to handle all the incoming traffic, however large. Traditionally, reserving a huge bandwidth is the most viable solution. However it is very expensive as well as not guaranteed – as depends on the size of attack. In summary, more bandwidth comes with more expenses and there is no limit to it.

How blockchain can be the Alchemy to DDoS attacks?

Today’s IoT ecosystem follows a centralized paradigm, wherein all the requests are directed to a central server to identify and authenticate individual devices. This renders the system vulnerable to cyber attacks via all equipments being used in the ecosystem starting from a camera device to a server machine.

Blockchain is based on decentralizing the sole centralized server and dividing its functions within numerous machines ranging up to millions. Blockchain stores data on ledgers using encrypted ‘blocks’ making it a secure system. As data is decentralized, it is not stored on a single server but is distributed within all the machines within the network.

Each system will have its own private key to communicate within various systems with blockchain. For a DDoS attack, even if the hacker gets access to 1 system, it will not suffice the need. The hacker must gain access to all the systems, which in itself is a herculean task, in order to send innumerable requests to each system. This kind of attack is impossible to render and hence this technology may secure the data as well as network greatly.


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