How to validate the most apt email hosting provider for your organization?

Email Hosting Provider

In today’s techno- world , no one can deny that email has become a primary source of business communication be it Enterprise or Startup.

According to Adobe 2016 Mobile Apps Report Messaging and collaboration applications are the most mission-critical mobile apps in enterprise today. Irrespective of industry—from BFSI to education, retail to manufacturing—every businesses need an email and collaboration tool for efficiency and productivity.

But with so many email hosting provider today, how can you find right one based on your needs?

To begin, 5 Questions you should ask Email Hosting providers to check if it is meeting your requirement.

1. How secure is your Email Service?

Protecting email content is a top concern for all users looking into email service provider across any industry you ask today. It is not only about keeping content secure, but solution with proper email security will lead the discussion on emails. Read about latest email security stats to get a glimpse on Email Security threats

Few Email Security Question that you should ask your email service provider are like :

  1. Does they have integrated solution for anti-spoofing, anti-spam filtering, anti-malware and data loss prevention solution?
  2. How are they going to provide Data Backup?
  3. What is the level of support will they provide if Email has been spoofed or hacked?
  4. Is their email services complaint?

Logix Infosecurity , a provider of complete Email Solution – be it Microsoft Office 365 or Google apps or Cloud Zimbra has taken care to answer all these queries.

Ins And Outs Of Email Security

2. Administration and Support :

Best email service provider should provide complete control on your email, but also offer assistance when needed. Question you should ask to Service Provider Here:

  1. What is the level of support email service provider will provide?
  2. What will be SLA in that case?

3. Easy of Use:

When selecting an email hosting provider, you should ask if they can offer all 3 in One solution

  • Web-based interfaces
  • Mobile Email Access
  • Collaboration Suite

Also at the same time, Can Email Hosting provider can delete confidential data from phone that has been lost and enforce PIN Lock?

4. Compatibility and flexibility through Hybrid mail solution.

As a business owner, you value productivity—and that is vital for any email system. But these days organizations rather than choosing one email service providers are going for hybrid mail solutions – choosing multiple email hosting provider pointing to same domain.

Purpose is to serve different needs for different level of users. For Example :

Important users in an Organization like the CXO or other Elite users need a messaging platform with:

  1. Multiple device access
  2. Online storage drive to create and share spreadsheets and presentations
  3. Audio video chat etc.

Microsoft office 365 or Google apps is the appropriate solution to rightly address these requirements.

Microsoft Office 365

Rest of the organization like General Users just need features like:

  • Basic Mailbox
  • Instant Messenger
  • Other collaboration features.

And  Cloud Zimbra can provide these features along with few other additional features.

But Again you need to ask your hybrid mail providers like :

  1. Will they point to the same domain?
  2. Will they provide seamless mail flow with this kind of flexibility?
  3. Will they provide common address book?

Here are the other factors of Hybrid Mail Solution Provider which you may read.

5. Archiving :

Worse is the situation when you need to find a particular email from a cluttered email inbox that doesn’t  sort messages easily. Email Hosting provider should provide an email archival solution also to keep yourself productive in such kind of  messy situation.

Question you should ask here:

  1. Can your email hosting service be integrated with  email archival?
  2. How is the retention done?
  3. Does it support e-discovery  for compliance and regulations.

Often Email Hosting Provider offer backup solution instead of archiving. But you should be clear if you need a backup or archiving.

Email Archiving Ebook





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