Email Backup Vs Email Archiving : Which one to select?

Email Backup Vs Email Archiving

Email Backup Vs. Email Archiving is the common confusion that holds true for many organizations due to

  • Industry standards
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Best practices

It has become mandatory to keep email data for extensive periods of time. But at the same time this exhibits additional challenge of regularly developing email storage. If an Organization is running email on-premises, then it brings about extra capital costs to keep up and redesign entire storage capacity framework.

Key step while deciding email data management strategy starts with what should organizations opt for : Email Backup or Email Archiving?

So we came up with the blog to help you to clearly distinguish Email Backup Vs Email Archiving

Email Archiving :

Email archiving is the act of preserving and making searchable all email to/from an individual.

  • Email archival products capture email content either directly from the email application itself or during transport.
  • Those Emails are  stored on archival storage in a way to discover quickly for future searches.
  • Organizations opt to implement an email archiving solution
    • To protection of mission critical data
    • To meet retention
    • e-discovery purposes for compliance and regulations

Read more about email archiving for Office 365

Email Backup :

Email backup on the other hand simply saves a snapshot of email data.It doesn’t generally make it easy to discover and retrieve that data when needed.

For example, to find an email records, an admin has to go in-depth through volumes of saved data snapshots with email backup solution

Then why do organizations go for email backup : main purpose is disaster recovery.You can read more about purpose of backup here


                                 Key Difference : Email Backup Vs Email Archiving :


Email Backup Email Archiving

There is no concept of email server
load balancing with simple backup solution.


      You can balance email server load with archiving       and simplify Backup and Restore

No intelligence in elimination of mailbox Quota


       You can eliminate mailbox quota based on policy

Discovery and Fast Search is not possible in Email Backup


         You can do discovery and retrieve email easily

Email Backup needs to be restored by IT Admin.


          Users can restore emails using one-click                       restoration

In the short run, it may be less expensive to dump your email data on to tape backup or a local server.


In the long run,  email data accumulated over years of operation, the cost of scaling, storing and protecting that data can far exceed the cost of implementing a hosted email archiving solution.


Get more in-depth guidance on whether a  email archiving solution is more appropriate in our Email Archiving Ebook

Email Archiving Ebook


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