Choosing Office 365? Think – How to handle Office 365 email archiving

Office 365 Email Archiving

If you are choosing Office 365? Re-Think – How you will handle Office 365 email archiving

Organizations today have started barbarously shifting their obsolete office suite towards robust and intense Microsoft Office 365. And the most recognizably reason of this shift for its prominent office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Exchange.

Office 365 offers an organization multiple plans for multiple types of businesses. But each plans comes varied functionality. For instance, in some plans, users have access to Office 365 email archiving capabilities through Microsoft’s hosted Exchange Server for legal discovery and compliance.

Best practices suggest companies should archive all incoming and outgoing email across the enterprise. The decision on which emails to archive and which to delete should not end up in the hands of all employees.

Here are two of the biggest reasons why:

  1. When users have decide on each email, this can take time reducing their  productivity.
  2. When you leave decision to an end user, employees may make the wrong call and end up deleting important mails.

Typically when an end user loses or deletes an email is they will ask the IT department to recover it.

Is Office 365 Email Archiving enough?

If you are Office 365 customer or planning to do so and considering using its native archiving feature then you should carefully look into all factors discussed below:

  • Retention — Office 365 archiving allows an end user to decide on which emails should be archived and deleted. Problem with that is
    • Not every end user has the knowledge or understanding about regulatory requirements of the corporation.
    • Every user shouldnt be burdened to decide on how long to retain the email.
    • Retention policies can also not be applied to inactive mailboxes.
  • Discovery — Discovery in email archiving is important is for
    • Legal
    • Information  

In both case, content should be in a shareable format. Office 365 archiving does not provide a tool to share the content after it is discovered. Office 365 email archiver provides role based multi-mailbox but with limited functionality.

  • Server Performance—  Office 365 email server functions efficiently as long as processing power and disk space utilization are in balance. Unfortunately, as the mail stores grow in size it takes an email server longer to complete
    • Sending or receiving the emails
    • Loading the mailbox
    • Opening attachment
  • Storage Performance —  When mailbox quotas are implemented, users’ emails are saved as a PST file, These files are not backed up and are therefore out of reach when a discovery request arrives. While Office 365 archiving is able to import these PST files into a Personal Archive Folder, the problem persists because the storage continues to swell and its cost continues to rise.

Logix Infosecurity  is pioneer in email archiving solution since last 17 years. Logix has now more than 300+ Microsoft office 365 customers across India. Logix delivers farsighted archiving solutions that continue to evolve with market requirements, and has been archiving Large Organization and government information since its inception. 

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