Indian Government needs to give cyber security an equal priority to border security

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Digital India is no more a dream but carving into an absolute reality. The steps taken by the government to drive Digital India are paying off. When India is digitizing at an exponential rate, cyber security is one of the most important aspects which cannot be overlooked. Given the direction we are heading we have less scope to compromise or lay loose on the information/cyber security front. This is the 4th army with the Land, Air and Sea, India needs to build and be ready. In order to keep the country economy stable, data protection has to be given an equal importance as border securities.

There have been innumerous incidents recently where nation’s data has been breached by another nation’s cyber criminals. Unlike border security where the only threat is the neighboring nation, cyber security is more crucial because anybody on the earth is a threat to nation’s secure databases. The internet is like a labyrinth linking every corner of the globe and hence everything is interconnected and a click away.

India is among the top financial markets open to ransomware attacks. India is the 7th most targeted nation in cyber attacks. With initiatives like Digital India, Aadhar, GST, a lot of sensitive personal information is online and hence has become a hotbed for attackers to get a hand on this data.

There is a massive usage of outdated softwares and hardware parts in India which needs an upgrade badly. Staying up to date with the rest of the world would prevent many cyber attacks caused due to older vulnerabilities. Spreading cyber security awareness among the employees must be encouraged. Indian government needs to encourage cyber security and draw some standards and protocols for the same.

Cybersecurity measures which are affordable for SMBs should be implemented. Logix Infosecurity helps its clients understand the security product best for their business. Affordable products can help take the business long way by keeping them safe from online threats of phishing, spamming, spoofing or ransomware.

Always remember- “Prevention is the only cure”.

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