CIOs must run a customer centric business

It is high time for CIOs to run a customer centric business. In today’s world, where there are so many competitors to each business, it is crucial to run a customer centric business in order to have all happy customers. Simply tracking the customer movements in not enough in today’s digital world, but tracking every data point is equally important.

Build healthy relationship with your customers

IT must understand what every end user is experiencing. It would be really difficult, when you business is international with customers spread across the globe. But at such a point it is essential to increase monitoring points geographically to understand end user behavior and their requirements.

Exploit technology to assist customers

To alleviate the end user experience, CIOs should be actively involved in the entire lifecycle. With the latest technologies, smart customer-experience management systems are being designed in order to get critical insights into trends for the end users. Such softwares should be exploited to the fullest to get its entire benefit. Customer feedbacks from individual interaction with each customer will help in understand them better and serving them accordingly.

Mending the gap between IT Team and other teams

In mosto f the organization, the engineering team functions solo and keeps hardly in touch with any other teams or the end user. It is important for the CIO to take necessary steps in order to mend this gap. In case of any dysfunction at the customer site, it can be repaired very quickly in cases where all the teams are on same page. While CIOs, CMOs don’t want to get too deep in the technical stuffs, it is a good practice if they know how the new product or features will impact the end users.

It’s the age of customer-centric business. CIOs can enhance the profits by focusing on end users, monitoring and managing social footprints and facilitating IT development and software integration to provide a seamless user experience.

Logix Infosecurity runs a customer centric business by giving priority to the end user experience. We make sure to always be close to the customers to understand their needs better and serve them accordingly.


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