Email Security Tips : Should you unsubscribe from spam emails?

Email Security Tips : Should You Unsubscribe From Spam Emails?

Do you receive spam emails regularly in your inbox ? If so, you are not only one. What should you do with Spam emails? Should you unsubscribe from spam emails? Lets look at what will be the consequences if you unsubscribe from a spam email or click any link in spam email?

Consequence 1- Confirming that your email address is valid

When attackers or spammers send out bulk spam emails they are not sure about accounts which are valid and active. By the moment you click unsubscribe button within your spam email, you confirm the attacker that your email address is valid and active.

Consequence 2 – Revealing your email provider information

When you click on unsubscribe and you are taken to new email window. In that case you may end up sharing your email provider or email client information too like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail to the attackers.

 Consequence 3 – Revealing your IP Address and geographical location

Clicking on unsubscribe link may be deliberately share your IP address and geographical location.

 Consequence 4- Automatic downloading and executing .exe file

Some hackers may even put auto downloading .exe file in the unsubscribe button. Once you click on unsubscribe button it starts running auto download . As a result this could take you to a malicious website and initiate a malicious download.

Ins And Outs Of Email Security

If Not unsubscribe from spam emails? Then what should you do with spam emails?

Tip 1- Report spam

Report the spam email as spam. It will allow your email provider to recognize emails  as spam and it will automatically send similar emails to the spam folder in the future.

Tip 2- Delete email

You can also delete the email directly from your inbox, without opening the email.

Tip 3- Use anti spam solution to avoid spam forever

Use anti spam solution to say good bye to spam forever. Logix Infosecurity provides anti spam solution to clients across industry to stay protected.


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