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Phishing Simulation and Security Awareness

It’s time to look into Phishing Simulation with Security Awareness Training

While cyber security service providers are continually evolving their complex email security mechanisms, businesses still fall prey to cyber-attacks owing to email-borne threats.

These statistics are worrisome, but we also have an encouraging number for you: 80% of organizations reported that security awareness training had reduced their staff’s susceptibility to phishing attacks.

Of course, phishing numbers won’t go down overnight, but security awareness training has the potential to expedite this reduction process. Regular training has proven to reduce phishing risk from 60% to 10% within the first 12 months.

Phishing Simulation and Security Awareness Training

Phishing simulation and its role in awareness training

A simulated phishing campaign is a carefully constructed phishing campaign that you launch against your employees. It allows you to test your employees’ preparedness against actual phishing emails that land up in their inboxes. However, phishing simulation has the most important benefit of instantly educating those employees who fall prey to your dummy phishing emails.

With simulation tools, you can deliver training and educate the employee the moment he/she clicks on a simulated phishing link. It lets you capitalize on the teachable moment and make your employees remember their phishing training in the future.

Managed phishing simulation and awareness training services

Logix manages the complete end-to-end process of phishing simulation and awareness training. We handle all aspects of your intentional phishing campaigns. Our customer success engineers are assigned to handle:


Campaign type

1. Forged Email / BEC
2. General Phishing Email
3. Social engineering campaigns
4. Password theft campaigns
5. Local language emails
6. Suspicious URLs

Along with the associated training module.


Simulation readiness

To whitelist the right set of domain IPs on your email security gateways to ensure simulated phishing mails reach target employees.

User-base population

Importing your target employees’ email IDs (manually / through AD sync) on the phishing simulation portal.


Trial run

On a select group of IT team members to test the smooth flow of phishing emails.

Run campaign

On a pre-decided date, after due discussions with your team.

Putting the simulation results to best use

This is the most important phase of phishing simulation. Our expert assigned to your case will gather insights from the dummy campaign over the period of a week.

We will then give you a summary report on:

Percentage of simulation mails opened.

Percentage of users who have undergone awareness training.

Employees who are the most vulnerable.

Top 10 fastest-to-open simulation emails.

With these reports, your IT team will have a clear understanding on:

Your current risk landscape.

Scope for training and improvement.

Increase in phishing awareness and preparedness over previous campaigns.

Additional benefits of phishing simulation and awareness training

Prevent data breaches

Simulated phishing emails teach your employees how to spot a phishing attack so that they won’t fall victim to a real one.

Ensure employees’ complete training

Testing employees at the end of awareness training can help you to ascertain that they’ve completed the training with their sincere attention.

Measure security awareness

With regular exercises, organizations can continually build their phishing immunity, which can be measured objectively through the number of open rates etc.

Cultivate a culture of security

Continuous training puts cybersecurity at the forefront of your employees’ minds. Actively engaged employees foster a security culture across your entire workforce.

Become compliant

BFSI, Healthcare, and Government sectors require organizations to undertake security awareness training in order to become compliant. Non-compliance can incur huge fines!

All-round protection

Phishing simulations extend cybersecurity to employees’ home lives and personal data too. Without looming threats of security, employees will be more productive.

Logix credentials

Logix Infosecurity has been a leading provider of email security services for the past 20 years. Our team of cyber security experts has studied innumerable creative and devious phishing campaigns, domain spoofing attempts, and social engineering campaigns.

We put this experience to good use while crafting phishing simulation campaigns for you, which have high believability and improved chances of employee engagement.

Logix runs this as a service, unlike other providers who offer phishing simulation and awareness training under a subscription model, expecting the customer to run the campaigns internally. With us, you have a MSP and partner whom you can rely on for successful simulation campaigns and best results.

Contact Logix to get started

Phishing simulations and awareness training are a relatively low-cost means by which you can transform your employees into a human firewall.

Not only can they help to protect your organization’s data, but they can encourage team building through healthy competition, and create a long-lasting culture of security both in your company and in your workers’ personal lives.

Pricing for phishing simulation and awareness training is based on the number of simulation emails to be sent to end users. The Minimum Order quantity is 100.

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