Phishing Simulation and Security Awareness

An organization that conducts phishing simulation and awareness training is 90% more secure compared to ones that don’t.


Equip your employees to detect and prevent phishing

Cultivate a culture of security in your workplace and stop potentially devastating phishing attacks. Some of the scenarios that we handle –
  • Forged email
  • Business email compromise
  • Phishing email
  • Social engineering attacks
  • Password stealing
  • Suspicious URLs/attachments etc.

The pricing for this service is based on the number of simulated phishing emails sent to your employees.

Logix makes this process simpler by managing end-to-end simulated phishing campaigns for you. To know more, please fill out the contact form so our expert team can contact you.

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    Logix delivers security training along with phishing simulation

    With support for localized content.

    Test your employees in a real environment with various cybercrime scenarios.


    Educate employees to identify, avoid, and respond to potential email threats.


    Adopt awareness training to significantly reduce phishing/spoofing/malware incidents.

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