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The cyberspace is plagued with threats old and new. Organizations today, no matter their size or renown, need all-round security services to protect their confidential data, their sensitive electronic communication, and above all, their hard-earned money.
There are too many aspects to IT infrastructure – there’s email security, mailing & collaboration, network security, endpoint security and much more. Data and applications need potent anti-malware defenders to prevent hackers from exploiting any lingering vulnerabilities.
Because you are cyber-aware, you plan to procure the necessary security services to safeguard your organization. But the next complexity in your path is vendors. You’ll need vendors that you can trust. Often, one vendor won’t offer all kinds of security services. So, you’ll need to diversify your vendor list. This means you’ll need to buy security services from multiple avenues, the tracking of which is bound to turn into a headache.
Before you get going on this frustrating journey, take a moment to consider Logix and its easy, user-friendly and intuitive eShop.

Logix eShop – Online Portal

Logix provides security services for all kind of advanced cyber threats. Not only have we tackled several cyber threats over these many years, but we have also heard customer’s demands for a simpler interface between us and them. Accordingly, we have fine-tuned our offerings to suit your needs. To make the purchase process simpler, Logix launched its own eShop.
Our eShop is filled with powerful, efficient security services. There’s something for every need. The user interface is designed keeping the customer in mind. When you land on our website, your can get to our eShop right from the menu.
Once on the digital shop floor, you see a wide array of services and products. You can search for products for your specific security needs. You can sort by price, latest addition and popularity. For ready reference you could see the description additional information and the name of customers who have purchased the services. You’ll also see the categories of services we offer. Clicking on a category will display all the offerings for that category.

What all do we offer?

Email SecurityEmail Security Solution

A majority of the cyber threats today are email-borne. That’s why we have worked and reworked our email security solutions.Our foremost offering is the Logix Cloud Email ATP, a cloud-based email security tool that protects your mailbox from known and unknown malware.
Buy Cloud Email ATP
If you are loyal to Microsoft products, we also have Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection plans.
These security products are customizable as per the number of users you need.


Messaging and Collaboration

Remote collaboration is the need of the hour. What’s special about our messaging and collaboration services is that they are scalable as per your requirements and the size of your organization. Also, some of these services, like our Cloud Zimbra plans, come with built-in threat protection.
Logix offers a large variety of Microsoft products under this category. We are Microsoft Gold Partners, and as such, we have complimented our MS + O365 products with our own security features. View Plans.

Volume MailBlog-110_Volumemail

What organization doesn’t want a wider audience for their business? Marketers are always looking to maximize a company’s outreach through email. The problem is that mail engines don’t take too kindly to promotional matter. If you send bulk mails through your usual mailbox, there are high chances they will get flagged as spam.
That’s where our Volume Mail SMTP gateway comes to your aid. It routes your bulk marketing mails through dedicated SMTP servers that will boost your inbox deliverability. Get Volume Mail SMTP.

Blog-110_Mail-Vault-CloudEmail Archival

In our blog on email archival, we discuss why it’s more beneficial to archive older emails than delete them. In our eShop, we have Mail Vault, a robust email archival service. It comes with per mailbox archiving, mail discovery, and journaling. Record keeping simplified.

DMARC Services

Spoofed email attacks are becoming far too common for our liking. Make your domain a NO PHISHING zone by implementing DMARC Monitor, an email authentication service that protects your mailbox against malicious emails. It works on a policy-based protocol to filter out potential email threats.

Unified Threat Management

Growing enterprises have a wider security surface area. Especially organizations with multi-site offices and remote working flexibility. There are more devices that can fall prey to cyber threats. Our UTM services include the reliable Fortinet firewall solutions with anti-spam and web filtering. Combat network threats expertly with these network security tools. Buy Our UTM Offerings.

The cherry on the cake

When you buy from Logix, you also buy trust and support. Our products come packaged with the all-round 24×7 support of our experienced support staff that will solve all your queries and issues. With us, you are in safe hands. Nowhere else, will you get security services with such a personal touch and care as ours. Make a wise decision now, and prevent security threats from setting your business back many steps.

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