YuppTV designates Logix to deploy Cost Centre Project Development on Sharepoint

YuppTV is one of the world’s largest internet-based TV and On-demand service provider for South Asian content, offering more than 250+ TV channels, 5000+ Movies and 100+ TV Shows in 14 languages. YuppTV is currently ranked #1 Internet Pay TV platform for South Asians living abroad and the largest Internet TV platform from premium content availability in India. Keeping in mind the huge volume of Procurement requests such a setup will process & the need to Streamline this to better Manage lead them to think of the Best Way forward in the Future to deal with the growing requirement.Earlier, YuppTV did not have a standard workflow process which adhered to the Compliance policies. It consisted of all Manual entries.
YuppTV wanted Logix to Deploy COST Center Project_Developed on their Sharepoint O365 Cloud Platform. Understanding the Requirement, they now wanted Procurement requests or any change request to be framed as Work flow, Like :
End user raises request –> Manager Approves –> next level manager approves –> Final Approval goes to Finance team for raising PO
Key Benefits & USP of COST Center Project Developed on Sharepoint O365 Cloud Platform:

  • Centralized repository of all Project Team Members Procurement requests kept in SharePoint with appropriate permissions Team/Department wise approvals
  • Compliance reports can be generated as on when required for audit and financial validations

The following are Highlights of Logix Cost Center:

  • Reviewing and approving procurement request prior to final purchase process.
  • Reviews and approvals.
  • Verification of individual request by concern authoritative hierarchy in the organization.
  • Ensuring changes and revisions are clearly identified.
  • Ensuring that relevant information of applicable requests is available at their “points of use”
  • Ensuring that procurement request remain legible and identifiable.
  • Preventing “accidental / unwanted” procurement of unnecessary products or services.

Our expertise also lies in Developing different Sharepoint Applications, if you happen to be our Existing Office 365 Customer, feel free to write to us to seek more information sales@logix.in

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