How can Zimbra VPS enhance your Top-line


Zimbra Virtual Private servers hosting plans are highly customizable and can be scaled with your rapidly changing business needs. The plans are efficient and reliable on dedicated and shared hosting platforms for small to medium size business at competitive price which usually facilitates real time collaboration efforts like document sharing, editing, quick searching, instant messaging etc.

Features of Zimbra VPS-

  1. High Performing, fully managed VPS-
    This is the best value for money service on market. The cheapest of all and efficient. The quality and performance are top notch esp at the price.
  2. Reliable and Scalable resources-
    Given the nature of enterprise and life of growth the service can be scaled quickly, this makes the VPS hosting very lucrative and cost effective without any compromise on the productivity.
  3. Reliable email delivery and backup-
    Mails are backed up at the server and hence promise of recovery. Also, the mail server delivers mails 100% of the time.
  4. Seamless sync across devices-
    With mobility in mind the email can be synced across devices effortlessly.
  5. Root access with advanced control panel-
    To give the user the best user experience they have improved root access with simple control panel. The control panel also helps user to get the best out of the service.
  6. Simple admin with built-in spam filters
    Built in malware systems are crucial to the email service, hence business communication can be made secure all the time. The administration is simplified and spam filter keep the malicious content blocked.
  7. 24×7 support
    Usually a 24×7 support 7 days a week is available for Zimbra VPS to assist clients in any need in any time of the day, any part of the world.
  8. Lowest Price
    Between the Microsoft Exchange Server and Zimbra, the former is the more expensive solution of the two, which is why it is generally the choice of publicly listed businesses. Zimbra on the other hand is much cheaper and there is even an open source version available for those who wish to play with it prior to committing any money.

At Logix Infosecurity our experts put in efforts to understand your needs and provide solutions which are best suited. Zimbra VPS provides best value solutions which can be scaled as per the organizations growth and our experts deploy the solution which keep productivity as well the Top-line high, making expenditure low and efficiency high.

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