Logix Cloud Zimbra Suite – A Complete Business Tool for Communication & Collaboration

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Cloud Zimbra has always enjoyed the trust and patronage of millions of users from India and abroad.

Logix Cloud Zimbra Suite is here with the extra edge that has it going neck to neck with other leading business messaging and collaboration solutions. It is a complete business platform with secure email, communication, and collaboration features.

Logix Cloud Zimbra Suite is Secure

Email security is vital to your organization and the sheer number of phishing attempts will convince you that it’s true.

Logix Cloud Zimbra Suite is integrated with Email Security Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) as a bundled service.

With one unified solution, you can enjoy a mailing experience that is secure from known and unknown threats including phishing, spoofing, ransomware, BEC, and other dangerous email security hazards.

Benefits Of Cloud Email Atp Cloud Zimbra Suite Built In Security

Collaborate with your team

The Logix Cloud Zimbra is well-equipped with collaborative features like file sync and sharing (file storage), file access across the folders, task and assignment management, and a connect-anywhere architecture.

Mobile Immail 2

Experience the ease of communication with the Logix Cloud Zimbra Suite

The Cloud Zimbra Suite is powered by communication tools that are as simple as WhatsApp and are also secured with end-to-end encryption.

The tool provides communication features like  – Group messaging, private messages, conducting audio/video meetings & conferences.

Instant Messaging via browser

Immail Desktop 1

Audio-Video Meeting

You can write to mkt@logix.in for more information or request for the Logix Cloud Zimbra Suite brochure.

Purchasing the Logix Cloud Zimbra Suite

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