How Cisco endpoint security offers enhanced protection

How Cisco Endpoint Security Offers Enhanced Protection

With the introduction to cloud technologies and remote collaboration, there was a pressing need to move away from traditional antivirus and antimalware solutions to something much more efficient and dynamic. Cisco Endpoint Security has always been ahead of the curve, and takes away the prize for having the foresight to integrate their endpoint security mechanisms into network technologies.

Today, Cisco’s offerings for endpoint security work seamlessly with your existing security architecture, and are deployed from the cloud.

That is the core philosophy behind Cisco’s solutions: that it does not disrupt your current security setup, nor does it take away from other security mechanisms that you have in place.

Why the worry about endpoint security?

Endpoint security has always been important, but even more so in the past few years. This is because of the shift to the cloud technologies, the always-on method of remote connections, and the flexible work culture which allows people to connect to their data anytime, anywhere.

This has vastly bloated the attack surface, and has given cyber criminals more means and opportunities to carry out their dirty work.

Now, we need endpoint security mechanisms that surpass just securing an individual device, and also considers devices across the network, mailboxes, and cloud data requests.

Cisco Endpoint Security lets you rest easy

Cisco provides holistic endpoint protection and offers a unified visibility to the most modern of cyber-attacks.

And of course, you are not bound by your work machine, or any other machine for that matter. Cisco endpoint security is at your fingertips everywhere you need.

Gartner has named Cisco Secure Endpoint a visionary in the 2021 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection.

So, what makes Cisco Secure Endpoint so effective as an endpoint protection tool?

Cisco has shown dedication towards investing in innovations. They have always been one step ahead and integrate their solutions to tackle evolving, hitherto unknown threats.

Cisco’s SecureX platform, a cloud-native platform released in 2020, introduces eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) capabilities. This greatly simplifies endpoint security for the user, who also benefits from added visibility and control over their endpoints. SecureX provides security teams the means to expedite investigations in case threats are detected, query all endpoints within a network in real-time, and manage the functioning of the tool from one unified console. Moreover, SecureX shares behaviour analysis and threat detection with Cisco’s renowned Talos Intelligence.

In the past year, Cisco also enhanced their Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities with Orbial Advanced Search. With features like automated playbooks and over a hundred queries, Orbital allows customers to effectively deal with threats that slip through. For the benefit of the evolving threat intelligence, Orbital also catalogues all such occurrences into use cases. Orbital Advanced Search is saving security response teams valuable hours in mitigating pertinent threats.

Secure Endpoint also comes packaged with SecureX Threat Hunting, a feature which enables elite threat hunters to assimilate their experience dealing with sophisticated endpoint threats into the Secure Endpoint Console. This means more insightful reports for you, and added case study experience for the brains behind Cisco Endpoint Security to keep on innovating their products.

Get started With Cisco Secure Endpoint

Cisco delivers a robust endpoint security solution that fits tightly into an integrated security architecture. It delivers flexibility and deep security coverage fit for every business.

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