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Email Security Services

Email Security Services - Cloud Email ATP

More than 90% of targeted threats enter your organization through emails. The current cyber scenario demands for stronger email security services. Having an automated mail security tool in your arsenal is a critical addition to following the email security best practices at your organization.

Cloud Email Security

Secure Your Inbox with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

  • Our managed email security services are fortified with advanced threat protection for your On-Cloud or On-Premise setups.
  • Cloud Email ATP is refined to keep up with modern dangers.
  • We specialize in identifying and catching domain spoofing using domain authentication techniques like rDNS, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

Email Threat Prevention

Logix Cloud Email Advanced Threat Protection offers protection against major email-borne threats. Our email security services can combat:

  • Cryptoware
  • Advanced malware
  • Zero-day, Whaling Attacks
  • Other emerging threats

Who can use our Email Security Services?

Users of O365 / Gsuite / MS Exchange / Lotus Notes  / Zimbra or any other email service can integrate our solution.

Would you like to have better visibility and control over the security of your inbox, and to identify sophisticated targeted email threats?

Modern Cloud Email Security for Stronger Gatekeeping

99.99 % Uptime Guarantee

99.40 % Spam Catch Rate

Zero Hour Protection

Inbound & Outbound Scan


Quarantine Management

Full feature set of Cloud Email ATP available on our brochure:

DMARC Email Validation and Authentication

Our DMARC Monitoring tool will protect your domain from phishing and enhance your domain reputation.

  • Block spoofed email IDs from sending emails posing as your business.
  • Authenticate and improve inbox email deliverability.

Setting Up Your Email Security Service

We sell, implement, migrate and support email security services for business enterprises. Logix solutions are compatible with Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, on premise or hosted Microsoft Exchange, and other mailing solutions.

Logix Email Security Services

On-Cloud Email Security Services

Logix Cloud Email Advanced Threat Protection: Get best email security service which is hosted and managed by Logix.

Cisco Cloud Email Security: Dedicated Cisco Email ATP tenants hosted by Cisco and supported by Logix.

Symantec Cloud Email Safeguard with Email ATP: A cloud-based security service rendered by Symantec and supported by Logix

On-Premise Email Security Services

Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA): Comes in Appliance Form Factor. This offering can be configured in a cluster. Cisco also provides Security Management Appliance to manage multiple Cisco ESAs.

Ideal for large enterprises and government organizations.

Service Add-Ons

Domain Spoofing Prevention

Our comprehensive compliance-based DMARC solution that safeguards your business against domain phishing, spoofing.

On Cloud Deployment

With the flexibility, scalability and high reliability of the Logix Cloud, deployment is easier, faster and more secure.

On Premise Deployment

With the on premise deployment option, the data resides on your network premises, thus reducing the dependency on the Internet for local mails.

24*7 Support

With our unmatched 24*7 support, we’ve managed to garner our customer’s trust. We’re Always Online with our “Anywhere Support”. Get quick fixes to your issues through the Logix SupportDesk app on Google Play or our Online Ticketing Portal.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Logix Cloud Email Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) safeguards you from all email-borne advanced threats. We use multi-tiered filters which prevent advanced malware, business email compromise, forged emails and cousin domain abuse.

Frequent Questions On Email Security

What is email security?

Email security is a term used to refer to the security practices and technologies used to protect your inbox from email-borne threats. Email is the entry point for a majority of the cyber threats. Email security helps you protect your sensitive email communication from the prying eyes of hackers and protects your data, people, and organisation.

What characteristics should I look for when choosing an email security solution?

Traditional security solutions fail to detect advanced attacks, so you need to have an effective email security solution that can identify latest, emerging, and known email threats. The solution should have an advanced threat protection capability to detect, block and take required action against sophisticated and targeted threats.

What are different types of email threats?

Some common email threats are spam, phishing attacks, and malware. Advance form of email threats includes Business Email Compromise (BEC), Spear-phishing, Ransomware, Domain Impersonation/Spoofing attack, Cryptoware, Advanced malware, Zero-day, Malicious URLs, Whaling Attacks etc.

Read: 9 Known Email Threats With Safety Tips

How could these email threats potentially affect my business?

Email infiltration could result in financial loss and brand reputation damage. Moreover, you could lose critical data / sensitive information, become unproductive at work (since email plays an important part in workplace productivity), have your account compromised, and have to pay compliance fines. You might also lose your intellectual property.

Can I see the threat detection matrix for Logix email security?

Yes, please write to us for the key features and threat matrix table which covers threat detection and the action set.

What are the basic measures that I need take to secure my emails?

  1. Protect your account with unique strong passwords.
  2. Review email address of senders.
  3. Do not engage with email that are suspicious in nature, check the language used in the email, if any spelling mistakes or any urgency shown by the sender to share your credentials or process payment.
  4. Do not download attachments from unknown senders or do not click any links mentioned in the email with a malicious site.
  5. Conduct security awareness training program so that your staff can effectively deal with email attacks.

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