Will Healthcare and Education Industry remain target for Cyber criminals in 2017?

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Healthcare and Education records represent an extremely attractive target for cyber criminals in 2016. Will that continue in 2017?

Healthcare Cyber Threat:

According to SecurityScorecard 2016 Annual Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Report,

  • Over 75% of the entire healthcare industry has been infected with malware over the last year.
  • 88% of all healthcare manufacturers had malware infections.
  • 96% of all ransomware affecting the healthcare industry targeted medical treatment centres.
  • Healthcare is 5th highest in ransomware counts among all industries.
  • Healthcare ranks 15th of 18th in Social Engineering among all industries, suggesting a security awareness problem among their personnel and staff.
  •  In August 2016, past-breached companies were still found to have 242% as many C’s or lower in Social Engineering compared to non-breached companies.
  • 40% of breached companies had a C or Lower in Network Security at the time of the breach.
  • Over 50% of the healthcare industry has a Network Security score of a C or Lower.
  • 63% of the 27 Biggest US Hospitals have a C or lower in Patching Cadence.
  • Healthcare ranks 9th in overall security rating compared to all other industries.


Education Cyber Threat:

Education receives ‘D’ on 2017 Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card.Tenable Network Security, which issues the annual report card, said the education sector again scored lowest in combating cyber-threats.

According to a news report last year, one in 10 education institutions have been hit by malware which makes the sector high on the target list. The move by many colleges and universities to the cloud signifies that bigger threats loom on the horizon for data to be leaked or stolen.

BitSight, which rates the security posture of organizations based on external data showing malicious activity surrounding them found that education is hit most by ransomware attacks, followed by government, healthcare, energy/utilities, retail, and finance.The firm’s analysts studied ransomware activity at some 20,000 organizations and found that

  • One in 10 education organizations had been hit with malware on their networks followed by 6% of government entities; 3.5% of healthcare
  • 6% of government entities
  • 3.5% of healthcare
  • 3.4% of energy/utilities
  • 3.2% of retailers
  • 1.5% of financial organizations.

According to BitSight, the rate of ransomware attacks has doubled or tripled among various industries in the past 12 months.


It has been found that Healthcare Industry and Education Employees Lack Security Awareness, Susceptible to Cyberthreats. Logix Infosecurity being into Security Domain since last 17 years are trying to make every industry aware about every possible cyber threats around the world. Our Mission you to take action before you are the next Victim.



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