Vloggers Under The Threat Of Phishing

Vloggers Targeted

Vloggers- the latest victims of phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are not only getting more sophisticated but they are also expanding their horizons. The latest target? YouTube vloggers. 

There is no doubt that YouTube is an influential and effective platform for a variety of creators, entrepreneurs and organizations. It offers content creators from diverse domains the opportunity to showcase their skills and passions as well as to communicate ideas and share knowledge.  

This incident just shows that no matter how big or small you are, you can never be sure that your inbox is safe, from malicious attacks. Currently, a media report revealed that YouTube creators are being targeted and their accounts are being hijacked. Most of the creators suffering from these attacks primarily belong to a set of users that review cars and offer insight into auto-tuning. 

How did this happen 

Hackers used phishing emails to dupe their prospective victims to click on pages that resemble the Google login page. According to ZDNet, this enabled hackers to collect account credentials and thus gain access to YouTube accounts. YouTube Channels from Indian content creators have also been affected and there is an influx of complaints and concerns regarding the issue on Twitter. 

Let Logix help you! 

We at Logix would like to remind our fellow Netizens that malicious cyberattacks take advantage of the lack of awareness regarding cybercrime. In the internet powered era, protecting your network is essential and as important as it protects your identity from being misused. 

Using the right kind of security tools is extremely important in order to ensure that your inbox, network and organization stay safe. To ensure that you have the best protection, your Cyber security should be dynamic and respond to the need of the hour by providing constant patch updates, regular VAPT checks and round the clock network health check.  

Logix is a firm believer in the principle that your Security Tools must evolve in order to combat the endlessly evolving cyber threats. We have a core competency in securing over half a million mailboxes and safeguard your network and brand against Advanced Malware (known and unknown Malware), Spear-phishing, Domain Impersonation/ Domain Spoofing, Zero day, Whaling, Targeted Email threats, Ransomware, Crypto ware, Business Email Crime (BEC) attacks. We defend your inbox with our multi layered, multi-tiered Security approach, multiple threat intelligence detection & prevention tools and provide essential configuring, migrating & supporting email security solutions tailored according the unique needs of our client.  

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