Phishing goes beyond email

Phishing Beyond Email

While phishing expands its horizons, should your security?

Expanding its customer base is one of the key strategies that a leading company uses to retain its position in the ever-competitive market. This is true for every industry and applicable to every business that wants to maximize its profits.

It should not astonish you  to let learn that malicious attackers are expanding their reach, going above and beyond their common victim base (mailboxes) to target the bigger fish – social media and mobile devices through large enterprise-based strategies, which include PaaS (phishing as a service) and BEC (business email compromise) attacks.

Phishing continues to evolve, much like a many-headed, mythological monster. Cut off one head and a two more heads, deadlier than the first, grow in its place. Unfortunately, this cyber-monster is very much real, and has a wide impact on both businesses and individuals at a global scale.

How did this happen?

Akamai, a prominent Cloud delivery network provider, reported on the latest strategies used by cyber criminals. In its report, which took into account 6035 domains, Akamai pointed out that these hackers are primarily targeting the high technology industry, and the entities affected by these attacks include giants such as Paypal, Microsoft and Dropbox. These brands have a significant global presence along with a large user base, making them a proverbial gold mine for malicious attackers, who use sophisticated and well-organized methods (phishing kits).

Variations in phishing kits (Akamai’s report detected 120 such kits) along with new evasion methods such a small active time for phishing kits (most kits were active for a period of only 20 days) played a key role in these kits being undetected by the security systems of top brands in the  high technology industry such as DHL. Financial services and e-Commerce were the second and the third most targeted industries.

Martin McKeay, the Editorial Director for Akamai’s State of the Internet /Security report, emphasized on the critical threat posed by phishing to both businesses and consumer and highlighted the need for awareness and improved security.

Let Logix help you!

Attacks take advantage of the lack of awareness regarding cybercrime as well as weak security systems. We at Logix are dedicated to this cause, which starts with ensuring that our clients are kept up to date with both crucial information and updates.

Choosing the right security provider is a fundamental step in protecting your identity from being misused, especially in today’s era, where the internet has become an essential part in every aspect of life, be it personal or professional.

The right kind of security tools will ensure that your inbox, network and organization stay safe and are not misused. In order to do this, opt for a cyber security service which is dynamic and responds to evolutions in hacking and phishing by providing constant patch updates, regular VAPT checks, and round the clock network health checks.

This is where Logix comes into the picture. We are firm believers in constant change and adaptation. Our security offerings evolve to combat the dynamic cyber threats. Logix has a core competency in securing over half a million mailboxes and safeguarding your network and brand against Advanced Malware (known and unknown Malware), Spear-phishing, Domain Impersonation/ Domain Spoofing, Zero day, Whaling, Targeted Email threats, Ransomware, Crypto ware, Business Email Crime (BEC) attacks.

We defend your inbox with our multi layered, multi-tiered security approach, multiple threat intelligence detection & prevention tools.

Client-centric is the word that best defines us. We provide essential configuring, migrating & supporting email security solutions tailored according to unique requirements of our clients.

Check our Email Security page to know more about what Logix can do for you!

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