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)365 - Zimbra Hybrid Solution

Logix’s Hybrid Collaboration Solution: The Power of Two Giants at Your Disposal

Collaboration is the buzzword of today’s world. Remote working has become the norm, and the lockdown gives no indication of getting over any time soon. As we get into the grove of offsite work, we are slowly getting past the initial discomfort of the pandemic. In fact, companies are now aiming to get back on track with their productivity goals. There are a lot of tools on the market available for messaging and collaboration. But today, let’s discuss an explosive hybrid solution of two individual products: Office 365 and Cloud Zimbra.

With a hybrid delivery model, enterprise users can have the best of both worlds.

Power users can be hosted on O365 & general users on Cloud Zimbra

Sharing the same domain name and reducing overall cost of ownership

Need for a Messaging and Collaboration Hybrid Solution

Office 365 is undoubtedly the numero uno productivity and collaboration tool. However, most businesses have realized that only power users are utilizing the potential of the solution. But general users are only using email features. A significant business slowdown comes to light due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. And as a result, most organizations have started to migrate their general users to low-cost mail solutions.

To reduce the cost of ownership without depriving power users of their productivity, opt for Cloud Zimbra – O365 Hybrid. The offering is bundled with Logix Email ATP.

Few highlights of Hybrid Mail Solutions that can bring more value to your existing system are.

  • Best ROI with justified costs
  • Common Domain Name
  • Without compromising, you get all features of both Cloud Zimbra and Office 365
  • Seamless Mail Flow

Logix Infosecurity Pvt Ltd being the largest Zimbra Service Provider Partner & Microsoft Cloud Service Provider can seamlessly integrate both offerings Office 365 and Cloud Zimbra providing unique Hybrid Solution for your Mail needs.

Over 500 Businesses have opted for O365Cloud Zimbra Hybrid Solution. It has helped clients and users spread across different verticals like Healthcare, Retail, Pharma, Technology and Manufacturing, etc.

Even if you migrate 70% of your users to Zimbra, the overall cost is reduced to 50%.

In every Organization, management teams have different messaging needs for functional heads & general users. Provide Office 365 to senior management and Cloud Zimbra to the other set of users with customized mailbox size & collaboration features, sharing the same domain & Global Address List (GAL).

Logix InfoSecurity provides migration services, wherein Mail / Folder / Calendar & Contact data is migrated from O365 to Zimbra.

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