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Microsoft Teams Essentials

Collaboration is the demand of today and is an essential part of business growth and productivity. Today, team members are scattered in various locations, some working from their homes, some from office premises. To ensure the team spirit and creative collaboration continues, invaluable tools are emerging in the market. One such tool is Microsoft Teams Essentials, which will revamp the way you collaborate remotely.

Highlights of Microsoft Teams Essentials

Solidify your team bonding with these useful characteristics:

Consolidated application

Microsoft Teams Essentials is the whole and sole application platform supported across devices. No need to switch between disparate platforms with varied subscription costs. Stay on Teams to energize your team.

Integrate what you’ve been using so far

Your time is important. That’s why MS Teams Essentials strives to save it. Your existing email and calendaring solution can easily integrate with the MS Teams consolidated tool to help you stay organized and focused.

Show customers how professional you are

“Your voice is breaking” is probably the most universally irritating sentence of pandemic times. When businesses shifted their operations online, they were spoilt for choice between meeting and chat platforms. However, not all platforms provide the dependability that Microsoft Teams Essentials promises. Nobody likes to go all charged up for meetings only to have their enthusiasm deflated by technical glitches.

Teams Essentials offers reliable meetings and rich collaboration features to make sure your professionalism shows. With reasonable bandwidths and easy to setup configurations, enjoy productive meetings that don’t deter you from your business objectives.

The business benefits of Microsoft Teams Essentials

Powerful instant meetings

Effortlessly create impromptu or scheduled meetings that go straight to your calendar. With popups for reminders and settings for controlled access. Meet and chat with a personal touch with MS Teams Essentials’ video sharing option. Bring your customers and team members into your world with easy screen sharing and crystal clear clarity.

Connect with remote teams

Share documents and multimedia files. Exchange critical information and get quick updates. With the mobile app version, Microsoft Teams Essentials puts teamwork into your pockets. Forward is the only direction to go!

Achieve a hyper focus

Remote working can come with a lot of distractions. More than the pull of procrastination, it is often the scrambling around for tools that divert team members from doing quality work. With Microsoft Teams Essentials, all the best apps and features are at your fingertips, integrated into one solid platform. Meetings, chat, calls, and collaboration – all rolled into one.

Get access to Microsoft Teams Essentials from a trusted Microsoft Partner

Are you ready to seamlessly run engaging online meetings, improve teamwork, and use the latest business apps? As a Microsoft Gold Partner in India, Logix enjoys the trust of Microsoft. We can help you make the most out of your Teams Essentials subscription to maximize business growth and team productivity.

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