Fortify your security with Microsoft Security Solutions

Fortify Your Security With Microsoft Security Solutions

Microsoft Security Solutions are here to provide greater security but at a lower cost. With these solutions, you get the backing and expertise of a giant like Microsoft. If you decide to deploy with Logix, you also get the trust and support of India’s only Microsoft Gold Partner.

The core strengths of Microsoft Security Solutions

Features Of Microsoft Security Solutions
  1. Protect against all possible intrusion scenario.
  2. Simplify security by consolidating your security procurements to a single trusted partner.
  3. Experience the comprehensive security of detection, prevention, and retaliatory capabilities.
  4. Microsoft Security Solutions are compatible with both Microsoft and 3rd party solutions.
  5. Additional security via controlled ID access across multiple devices.
  6. Achieve a significantly lower TCO (save up to 52% on licencing) with integrated cloud deployments.
  7. Get all the modern security mechanisms for your data protection.
  8. Enjoy the maximal protection of config monitoring, EDR, application control, network segmentation, and support for container and serverless workloads.

The Microsoft assurance

  1. Microsoft Security Solutions offer the best-in-class service across five security solution categories.
  2. Microsoft towers above others with their impeccable legacy.

Microsoft resources are strengthened by “learning” through a large volume of data; possibly a greater volume than anywhere else.

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