Microsoft 365 Security in the Cloud

Shift To Microsoft 365 Security

Along with dependable protection, Microsoft 365 Security solutions now bring a much-needed component to your security arsenal: integration. Microsoft 365 Cloud Security tools have evolved to provide everything you need, wherever you need it, in one single integrated solution.

Did you know: 43% of all the security breaches of 2021 happened at small businesses.

Microsoft 365 Security, therefore, offers a scalable solution for businesses of all sizes. Their security mechanisms don’t put a huge dent in your pockets, and their cloud-deployed security is just as reliable at a lower cost.

Major benefits of shifting to Microsoft 365 Security

Protect data

Protect your company data as if it is the most valuable asset for your business, because it is. A majority of the cyberthreats have shifted from trying to steal money to data theft. SMBs are having a high success rate with Microsoft 365 and data protection. Microsoft wins just on the sheer volume of data that it inspects every month; over 470 billion emails are scanned every month, with the care and attention of over 3,500 employees.

Across-the-board security

Your work is not restricted to your office infrastructure anymore. You use personal mobiles, laptops, and tablets to read and send mails, collaborate with your team members, and even access files. Just because you are OOO doesn’t mean your work has stopped, does it? Why then should your security tool treat your security the same way? Microsoft 365 Security provides security across all your devices.

Active defence

As a cybersecurity provider, we advise citizens to be alert, but not anxious about online security. Yes, you have to have a 6th sense when things seem off to you, but that does not mean you should leave your core work and keep looking into your security. That’s where Microsoft 365 steps in. With round-the-clock automated threat detection, Microsoft 365 Security analyses 6.5 trillion signals per day, and updates its own fortitude whenever a new threat gets detected in any corner of the world. What this means for you is that a capable, self-learning  security tool is backing your cybersecurity.

Highlights of Microsoft 365 Security in the Cloud

  1. Detect threats as soon as potential threat actors try to reach your inbox. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) with Safe Links and Safe Attachments features scan all incoming emails.
  2. Modernized phishing prevention powered by machine learning.
  3. Multiple device protection with MFA with the additional protection of Windows Defender.
  4. In-built DLP to protect your sensitive company data.
  5. Auto-encryption of outgoing mails to keep them safe from prying eyes.
  6. Enhanced information protection with stringent access control.
  7. Mobile Application management to protect mobile business apps.
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