Benefits of Zoom for small businesses

Benefits Of Zoom For Small Businesses

Zoom offers the most features for remote collaboration, at the most feasible prices. The best thing about Zoom is its ability to scale up or down to fit your requirements. Especially in the past year, with the lockdown in place, the benefits of Zoom were felt by small businesses, as it allowed them to effectively mange remote work and collaboration.

Why small businesses especially need Zoom?

The size and scale of the business itself can become a hurdle in managing multiple projects and processes at once. Small business owners are more inclined to divest their resources in growing their business rather than putting them in IT procurement.

Zoom comes out ahead in providing a solution to this unique conundrum.

The benefits of Zoom far outweigh its costs. Not only does it provide easy-to-use video conferencing, it has also come up with several additional features that help employees operate at their maximum efficiency. Zoom’s pricing and plans are structured for the every man, and small businesses can take advantage of this fact to simplify their remote collaboration.

Features of Zoom that help you grow your business

Ease of setup and manageability

Like we said, as a small business owner, your focus should be growing your business, not get stuck up in IT resources! You need solutions you can purchase and deploy and hit the ground running.

Purchasing Zoom with Logix is a straight forward process. You see the prices, you decide the plan, and you proceed to buy. Once your Zoom purchase is complete, it is easy to deploy the application without additional handholding from a tech support team.

Once Zoom is up and running, it’s very easy for anyone to figure it out.

Enriched communication with offsite teams

Zoom ensures business operates as usual and doesn’t allow geographical restrictions to cause work interruptions. You can have lengthy team strategy and planning discussions in a video conference (upto 100 meeting members standard) or have a quick one-on-one review / update call.

You can use instant chat to connect with meeting members, and even branch out to a private chat with just one person out of many.

Of course, Zoom offers stellar HD video / audio streaming quality, and adjusts to low bandwidth conditions to give you the best collaborative experience.

An all-in-on platform for webinars, audio calls, video conference, and chat

Sometimes you need in-depth discussions, while other times, a quick update is sufficient. You don’t always need to connect on a video call. You can connect with team members over chat or even audio calls if video is not necessary.

Also, you have the choice to make the communication more one-sided (like in a webinar or presentation) where one person only shares his sceen, video, and audio while others participate more in a listening capacity.

Inter-device connectivity

Zoom has a desktop application, a browser client, and even a mobile app.

Meetings set for you can be accessed across devices, removing your dependency on being where your machine is.

Most major operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS now support Zoom and so it doesn’t matter if your WFH employee doesn’t have access to his or her usual office machine.

Providing real business value

The reason small business owners across the world from different industries appreciate the benefits of Zoom is because up until a few years ago, Zoom itself was a small business. The thought leaders behind Zoom services have moulded their solution as per the challenges they themselves have faced in communication and collaboration.

Zoom is also aware of the monetary constraints on small businesses, and has structured its plans and pricing to service all strata of businesses.

Additionally, it integrates well with Google and Microsoft to give you a streamlined calendaring and scheduling experience. Besides, Zoom App marketplace hosts over 200 integrations with existing productivity solutions like Slack, to give you one power-packed solution.

Need to purchase Zoom?

If you are a business wanting to scale up, Zoom is the best choice for remote collaboration and productivity. Like it’s evident from the recent pandemic, the landscape of business can change in an instant. Don’t let technical issues in communication rain over your parade.

Purchasing Zoom with Logix is easy and quick. Head over to our Zoom service page to know the plans and pricing.

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