The Value of Mass Email Marketing Tools

Value Of Bulk Email Marketing

What is the value of Mass Email Marketing?

If you’re a business owner, one of your constant ambition is doubtless reaching a wider audience. Businesses today use several tools and techniques to grow their client list and visibility. There’s SEO, there’re paid ads, there’s social media. But can you wait around forever for your audience to grow? Of course not. You need some service or tool that you can use to reach a bigger pool of people in as short a time as possible. One such efficient tool for targeted reach is email marketing. Email marketing has been around for a long time. There are a couple of reasons why mass emails are efficient as a marketing tool:

  • Personalized content:

Do you have a variety of customer bases, each with their own requirements? Some who are high-profile for your business? Email marketing allows you to customize your offers, your new products, your limited offers. Since it’s mailbox to mailbox, you can tailor your content according to your clients rather than opt for a one-size-fit-all marketing strategy.

  • Response

It is commonly observed people will respond better to personalized email. Personalized emails make people feel valued. They are more likely to provide honest feedback to an email request than if you broadcast generic feedback links and ask them to drop a line.

  • Marketing Flexibility

With emails, you can be creative. You can try out different things. You can go image heavy, and use as much promotional language as you want. These are things you can’t replicate on a webpage as your SEO would take a hit, or perhaps a search engine will penalize you for not following text-graphic ratios.

Factors you should consider if you are unsure about Mass Email Marketing

It is commonly observed that people are a little unsure about mass email marketing. Yes, there is a chance the marketing emails get lost in a sea of important email communication. Yes, it is difficult to write copy that will actually provoke the recipient to engage with your CTA. But these are hurdles you can overcome with practice. If you need still more motivation to take the first step towards trying out your first campaign with bulk mails, here are a few things to consider:

Third-party Bulk Mail service providers have an understanding with ISPs

Think you would rather start small? Work on a list of just 20 people for now and see how it goes? Your approach may be right for your requirement, but the execution may or may not always work. This is because a person sending a blast of emails with repetitive content is immediately looked upon as suspicious. Your singular email address and sending domain is likely going to get flagged as spam, and your efforts might not even get the eyeballs you thought your creative campaign would get you.

With a service though, you are handing over the task to an application that is designed specifically to deliver huge amounts of bulks. Your Internet Service Provider is aware of the this and would let your emails deliver into the inbox if it observes you are using a third-party service. Of course, there isn’t always a guarantee of this, but an increased surety is still better than leaving everything to chance.

Cost Effective

The cost, not to mention the effort, is always higher if you decide to go DIY with such creative campaigns. A mailing house service for going the manual route costs more than allowing a service to do the work for you. There is a threshold where the number of inboxes you are targeting catches up with the cost of a mailing server but that number is too high to matter in the initial stages (for instance, you can safely make do with a bulk email provider if your target number is in the triple digits).

Also, with bulk emails, you can opt for scheduled email blasts like newsletters or monthly “what are we up to’s”. Imagine slogging it out every month when you want to update your potential clients. It turns into a second job!

Attention that does not diminish

Mailboxes are easily configurable across all devices. People can and do view their mails on desktops, laptops, iPads, and smaller mobile devices. They can do so during work hours or at night as they check their social channels. One way or the other, no matter when you send out the blast, there is a higher chance your bulk emails will receive more engagement than most other forms of digital communication. A webinar would need a fixed time slot. A Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn update may go so far below into a person’s feed they wouldn’t bother scrolling that much.

Obviously, getting viewed is one thing, but if you want them to actually open and see your email, you need to get crafty. Which leads us to our next point.

5 Tips on an effective mass email marketing campaign

Do you have a clear objective?

Any campaign is as successful as the planning that goes behind it. Your mass email targeting is no different. Before you even begin to think about the creative or copy, think about the objective. Will the campaign drive sales? Or is it an awareness initiative. Some bulk email marketing schemes are also about bringing attention to your offers. Decide first, and then move on to the further steps.

Who is your audience?

Seth Godin, who most people know as the wizard of marketing, says, “Anticipated, personal, and relevant advertising always does better than unsolicited junk.” If you send out mass emails to people who are not inclined towards buying from you, you are not only wasting effort, but also come across as spammy. Always be careful of selecting the audience of your campaign. Put some effort into understanding the behaviour of people who interact with your system. You can easily do that using Google Analytics. These people are more likely to respond, and even convert.

What is the message which you want to convey?

You decided upon the objective of your campaign. You can connect all the dots in your head. “I will write this, use this infographic, show these statistics, give this CTA.” Did this translate to execution? Or is your mailer copy and structure all over the place, trying to win at a lot of things? Have a clear messaging, and stick to it. Every mailer should ideally be only about one thing.

Creating the content

The copy of your mailer should be fresh and engaging. You can do this using statistics, facts, and anecdotes. Take the help of infographics and diagrams to convey complex points. But keep in mind the length. A mailer has only so much attention in its quota. Use it well.

Use templates

A template is a great way to speed up the process of sending out bulk emails. A template is basically a mould in which you can put in data relevant to this particular campaign. The key is to keep a little flexibility so you can make special email campaigns stand out from the rest.


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