Increase Threat Hunting beyond ATP Tools


ATP tools are the core of most of the cyber-crime fighting software’s. Today, we have a generation of products from vendors promising state-of-art detection using machine learning, neural networks, and threat intelligence. With all the promises of safe keeping and the demo where the installed system detects and blocks the malicious stuff- we still have intrusion happening now and then. This is a moot point to understand. Let us ponder over it-

Reason 1

Although the protection systems run smoothly but criminals need to intrude only once and they know it. Every system has vulnerabilities and one day that vulnerability gets exploited.

Reason 2

Businesses want to run smoothly. They don’t want noise and it sort of pushes the vendors to –

  • Reduce false alerts
  • Ensure that most of the files, data being blocked is definitely bad

Blocking files or programs incorrectly is a sin and might banish the account. Nobody wants that to happen.

Reason 3

Nothing is black and white, cyber security, too, is grey! Intruder hide in plain sight to look normal. They blend in with existing traffic on the servers not even taking help of malware at the initial stages. This is how sophisticated intruders have become. Traditional detection method cannot trace something like this.

What can be done?

Proactive threat hunting is the way ahead. If companies understand that just system or software are not going to cut in today’s digital age then preventive steps can be undertaken.

  1. Visualization-
    The security analytics which capture the data and helps us understand the unusual activity is crucial. Now the data must be simple and easy to visualize, so that reaction time is low. Concrete steps can restrict attacks scope and spread to small network area.
  2. Security Analytics-
    Data is ultimately the king. If you don’t have enough skilled cyber security investigators, so you need automation that codifies their best practices at scale without having to hire them. Things that stand out are the first signals of mischievous activity.

Security is an evolving process. It must always keep abreast with the latest trends and updates. Logix Infosecurity deploys latest cloud security and advanced threat protection software so that the critical information stays safe. We work on continuously updating the software as cyber criminals are changing their methods.

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