How challenging it is for companies like Google, Apple to fight battle against Cyber Security Threats?

Cybersecurity Threats

Ransomware, DDoS Attacks, IoT Based machine to machine attacks and all upcoming attacks are changing the language of Cybersecurity Threats.Every year, hackers are launching increasingly sophisticated attacks on everything from critical infrastructure to medical devices. But how are the companies like Google, Apple fighting these battle against Cybersecurity Threats?

Here is an interview of Google’s head of cyber security Gerhard Eschelbeck: How does he protect his privacy and fights against Cybersecurity threats.

Mr Eschelbeck, who leads a 600-strong team that protects users from hackers, spammers and spies, says the most critical step for everyone to take is to stay on top of software updates.”The biggest compromises that have happened over the past six to nine months often happened in an un-patched device that had a security vulnerability, and the patches weren’t applied fast enough,” he told Fairfax Media.Secondly, He said passwords were the “weakest link” in online security and hopes to see the Security Key go mainstream in the next three years.

Cybersecurity is the greatest threat the world has faced since the atom bomb, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said in an interview with Australian TV news show Lateline.

“We used to fear the atomic bomb when I was young, and you used to come home from school and sirens would go off for a test on every corner,” Wozniak said in an interview with reporter Matt Wordsworth. “Those were incredible days of fear from something. And now we fear all the cyber attacks and hacking. What’s the next one we’re gonna hear about? Is one gonna come close to me? Is it gonna hit me? Could they really take out our electrical system, turn off our internet? How far can it go? And it’s getting worse and worse year by year, not better and better.”

What are the key steps taken by all big companies to fight a battle against Cybersecurity Threat?

  • Highly sophisticated firewall systems
  •  A top class penetration testing team
  • Stringent Physical Security
  • More and More bandwidth to fight DDoS attacks
  • Educating employees about cyber security on a regular basis


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