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Office 365

Business communication is synonymous to e-mails. A lot of sensitive and crucial information gets transferred via the medium all the time and compromising e-mails can mean disastrous in various ways. We often here about the breached causing havoc, like the recent Equifax breach or the Jio data leak or the discovery of a server based out of Amsterdam containing huge personal sensitive information.

What companies should seek-

  1. Data privacy and security- the most important aspect for a company can be the privacy provided to its email with tight security. It is crucial because the control over data cannot be multi-owned, only the user should own it not the service provider.
  2. Enterprise-level authentication and security certification- It makes a lot of sense if the exchange provides protection while tackling external threats. The email inbox should be protected against sophisticated attacks in real time. Information Rights management (IRMs) to keep unauthorized access with DLP tools.
  3. Build for mobility- 93% of business employees need remote access. Therefore, mobile device management (MGM) is crucial feature which the exchange should offer.

What companies should practice-

  1. Use multiple passwords, different for each application.
  2. Use secure networks connection to access mailbox, especially when mobile.
  3. Use complex passwords and keep them safe.
  4. Do regular backup of your data.
  5. Use authentic software or get IT approval before using them on network.

How Office 365 can help-

  1. Keeps the e-mail safe. Using advanced threat protection, Office 365 keeps spams, phishing mails, ransomware mails at low level.
  2. Easily manage security and compliance using the control center.
  3. One drive for business allows easy encryption of data which can be shared with approved devices.
  4. Encrypted exchange online lets you encrypt sensitive email with a one-time passcode, hence only the intended recipient can access it.
  5. Exchange online protection keeps the email protection up by blocking the latest malware, phishing scams as well as viruses.

Office 365 is highly secure in terms of warding off the cyber-attacks. It also comes with additional features like one drive which assists in the mobility of the workforce without compromising on the productivity.

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