Cyber-Security Awareness Month. Things you need to be aware of

Cyber Security Awareness Month

Since 2003, October every year is recognized as the cyber security awareness month. It is a good measure to spread awareness via following simple themes every week of October-

  1. Week-1: Easy steps for online safety – Users of connected devices must know the basics of online safety. Consumer cyber security concerns should be addressed by providing simple to-do steps to stay safe as well as to-do if you are a victim.
    For a fact, about 169Mn data got leaked in 2015 via different mediums.
  2. Week-2: Cyber security is important for each and everyone in the company- Data breaches, cybercrimes, Ransoms etc don’t discriminate Everyone one is a potential target. Therefore, week 2 is dedicated to making employees understand the importance of their role in keeping a secure workflow. Educating the workforce is week-2’s agenda, especially the small businesses where the work is done online but security measures are not implemented.
  3. Week-3: Recognizing the cybercrime for the technologies built in future- Smart cities, connected devices, digitized records, as well as smart cars and homes have become a new reality. Week 3 is designated to remind users that their sensitive, personal information is what makes the smart devices work. The benefits of the technology do exist but it is important to know the exposure of technology and safety measures needed. Different type of cyber threats exists for different technologies and user’s must acknowledge them to ensure safety. This is important because more than 550Mn people are affected globally every year by cybercrime. More than 24Bn connected devices will exist by 2020, the danger is breeding for an exponential target.
  4. Week-4: Raising awareness to build critical resources to tackle the growing challenge- building up a team of trained professionals is crucial to fight the cyber-war. By 2020 there will be shortage of about 1.8 Mn cyber-security professionals. Key influencers like parents, teachers, leaders etc can help influence students at different level to consider career’s in cyber security.
  5. Week-5: Making resilient systems which are less prone to cyber hostage. This week is dedicated to creating an atmosphere to making a strong infrastructure at companies. This It infrastructure will not only fight cyber-attacks but make it more complete starting from vulnerability tests to implement technology solutions to developing an action plan to be used under cyber-attack situation.

Basic awareness can go a long way in case of cyber security. Critically evaluating and promoting different techniques to analyses infrastructure as well as promote a culture, awareness must spread to as many people as possible.

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