5 reasons why organization needs Data Loss Prevention or DLP Solution?

Data Loss Prevention Dlp Solution

Your organization will have at least some sensitive data to protect from thieves and hackers. In this technology world, such data thefts are becoming more and more common and data is being misused daily, be it in a minor way or causing a huge loss of profits to your organization.

Let’s run down some major reasons why your organization must invest in a good Data Loss Prevention or DLP solution:

  1. Your data is at risk!

Data breach is growing with the growing technologies. There are 3 variable data in any organization: data in motion, data at rest and data in use. All the 3 data are at equal risk to different types of threats. A DLP solution will be monitoring network for data in motion, will be monitoring data at rest and data in use will be protected by defining strict access rights.

  1. Security doesn’t end at Anti-Virus

Most of the organizations deploy anti-virus in their systems but fail to recognize the importance of DLP. It is very vital to understand that security doesn’t end at anti-virus but there are many more aspects to data security. A DLP solution will monitor all the outbound traffic in order to ensure data security by adhering to the organization’s policies.

  1. Uncertain about your storage

You are not sure where exactly in the cloud your data is being stored and who all are accessing your data at any given point in time. DLP solution provides an all round solution to data protection, data flow over the network and data access rights.

  1. To avoid data Misuse

When by mistake a confidential data is shared with some reliable trustworthy client, the client will not misuse it and may simply inform about it. But when the same data, by mistake, would fall is wrong hands, there are high chances of data misuse. This data misuse can affect organization’s work in adverse manners. In order to avoid such sensitive data misuse, a reliable data loss prevention solution is very essential.

  1. To gain brand Value and reputation

When an organization fails to identify their sensitive data and protect them from unnecessary theft, their brand value is at risk. When a data theft occurs at an organization, whether it is a major one or minor one, the brand value and reputation of the company are affected badly. DLP solution helps to protect such sensitive information, preventing negative reputation and loss of customers, which would inevitably follow data theft.

In order to maintain the privacy of the sensitive data of your organization and due to one or all of the above reason, investing in a DLP solution is a wise step to success.

Logix Infosecurity being into security domain since last 17 years are helping clients with Data Loss Prevention.


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