Dangers of Crypto-Ransomware and ways companies can avoid it!


Money makes ransomware the lucrative cyber theft option. Crypto-Ransomware is a type of ransomware that encrypts files on a user’s machine making it unreadable for machine or the user. A decryption key is needed to unscramble the files thus making them legible again.

Dangers of Crypto-Ransomware

Crypto ransomwares are truly nasty. Once you are infected, there is no way out other than paying the ransom. At times, even if you have a back-up of your files and choose not to pay ransom this doesn’t mean the attack won’t cost you. CryptoWall ransomware, for example, leaves a strain of ransomware inside the machine. There are disinfecting costs as well as restoring data time which might take days. Some ransomwares like Petya, Goldeneye, Petrwrap have very advanced encryption algorithm which do not have any alternative then paying the ransom.

Targeted attacks at companies have high success rates and is set to grow in coming years with more connected devices. Most common delivery vehicles for the crypto ransomware are emails, attachments, Torrents, MS office (word, excel) files with Macros which runs or calls the malicious codes.

Prevention from ransomware attacks

Companies need to be well prepared for cyber-attacks. Using latest cyber security tools is imperative for better probability of digital safe-keeping. Here are some good practices to be followed:

  1. Put in place Cyber Security tools and DLP software to avoid having a situation. Logix infosecurity provides the best tools for its clients and our experts will analyze the need as per company and place the right system and measure in place.
  2. Backup all the sensitive information on a regular basis and store them separately disconnected from internet/network.
  3. Update/install all security patches for OS and applications installed on the network. Keep every application up-to-date.
  4. Enable all the antivirus features and update them regularly.
  5. Block macros in MS office and run them only if you are extremely sure of the sender and file.
  6. Don’t stay logged in as an administrator more than you need.
  7. Considering installing MS office viewer to check files without opening them in word or excel. Open javascript(.js) files in notepad which blocks the script from running.

In case your system or network gets affected, Disconnect your machine immediately from network. This will prevent the spread. Report the issue immediately.

Logix Infosecurity provides latest tools to help your company stay protected. Our consultants understand the need of individual companies and provide tailored solution. The best way to prevent a ransomware attack is not to have it in the first place.

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